Why Is Eminem a Unique Artist? Let’s Take a Look

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Eminem was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame late last year. He attended the ceremony with his daughter Haley. Dr. Dre gave a cool speech, recalling old moments associated with the rapper. Then, Eminem gave his speech and performed several legendary songs along with Steven Tyler, Ed Sheeran, and Dr. Dre. This is another achievement of Eminem that will go down in history.

Eminem’s YouTube Record and Boxing Story

today you will hear new facts about Eminem that you may not have heard before. Before “Tick Tock”, Eminem achieved another milestone last year. He became the most viewed rapper on YouTube. He overtook Drake by a factor of two with over 5 billion views, a baffling score. Recently, on a podcast with Mike Tyson, he admitted that he used to often box with sparring partners at his home.

On one occasion, his coach brought in a partner who brutally beat Eminem when he took off his helmet. Eminem asked him, “Hey dude, how old are you?” The guy was 14. Eminem jokingly said that he was done with boxing at that moment. This fact happened a long time ago, but we learned about it recently, and it turned out that this is just a funny chorus, not just a repeated phrase but a deep meaning. After all, if you listen to it back, you get it.

Eminem’s Political Stance

Eminem speaks harshly about politics in his songs, interviews, and videos. But not all. He used to hate Bush, and in recent years, he has come to hate Donald Trump. He spoke so aggressively about Trump and his family that people from the American intelligence agencies came to his story and began to check the lyrics of his songs. What do you think Eminem was doing at the moment? Yeah, he wrapped the representatives of these American intelligence agencies.

Eminem’s Fashion Choices and “8 Mile” TV Series

Throughout his life, Eminem dressed quite cheaply and did not wear expensive things. He himself said that he wears a Casio G-Shock watch for a hundred dollars. And he’s afraid to scratch Rolexes. And only now, Eminem began to wear expensive things. I got to watch, a gold ring, and a gold chain. Eight Mile” fans are going to be excited right now, or tense, but eight miles back, 50 Cent has revealed that they are making an “8 Mile” TV series and Eminem doesn’t mind. Do you believe this sequel will live up to expectations?

Eminem’s Restaurant Venture and Record Breaking

Last year, Eminem opened a restaurant that was open for only 10 days and only sold one dish. The restaurant is completely decorated in the style of “Eight Mile,” and I think you guessed what this dish is. Yes, Mom’s spaghetti. Also, last year, Eminem broke another record. He became the record holder for a number of gold and platinum singles.

But at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Dr. Dre said that Eminem doesn’t care about numbers and money, and that’s cool. Recently, it became known that Eminem refused to perform at the World Cup in Qatar for 8 million dollars. Apparently, he really doesn’t care about the money. He is definitely baffling.

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