Don’t Cross Eminem: What You Need to Know About His Anger

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By Harry

The most dangerous creatures on the planet are lions, hippos, crocodiles, and Eminem. And that’s no joke. Are you happy when you’re angry? You said something like that. I’m happy when I’m angry; that’s for sure.” The evil Eminem has destroyed many enemies, both famous and not so famous. Today, I am going to tell you about all of them.

Eminem’s Explosive Temperament

Marshall always had quite a temper, perhaps it’s a defensive reaction to events from his childhood. He was severely beaten up at school, which put him in a coma. He had to become angrier, and over the course of his life, a lot of people were hurt by him. Let’s start with an incident that happened in ’99. Now, Eminem keeps himself in control almost always, but it was different then. The rapper’s former security guard told an interesting story.

Almost 25 years ago, there was an annoying fan at Shady’s concert who was constantly shouting. And in a way, he wasn’t wrong about the distraught M’s bodyguard recalled that the rapper was already pretty drunk, so he managed to provoke him. Eminem ordered, telling the DJ to turn off the music. Then he found a guy and told him to leave the concert, but he didn’t listen. This pissed Marshall off so much that he jumped right off the stage with a clinched fist and punched the guy. Really the wrong guy, probably because of the alcohol.

Within a minute, it turned into a massive brawl. Proof, DJ, other rappers, and security guards ran out to Eminem. About 30 people, by the way, there were three and a half thousand people in the crowd. The security guard recounts a guy who was attacking him from the side to get to Marshall. He recalls that Eminem wasn’t fighting alone against four people. When the fight was over, he returned to the stage, performed “Just Don’t Give a f***,” and ended the concert properly.

This story also happened more than 20 years ago, but it’s more famous. Although you may not know all the details. This is where the case went to trial. Eminem drove up to a nightclub with his friend and his wife. They came, tenderly saying goodbye to a security guard. At that moment, an angry Eminem ran up to him and is said to have hit the bouncer over the head with a gun. Pretty quickly, the police arrived and arrested everyone, including Eminem and Kim. Guerrero is the name of the guard. Immediately, he filed an application with the court.

Eminem was still under arrest for some time and attended the trial in handcuffs. Then he claimed that he hit the bouncer not with the gun, but with his fist. Interesting fact: while Eminem was under arrest, chaotic fans sent letters to the police that they would burn the whole city if Marshall was not acquitted. The rapper’s lawyer had to explain that they had nothing to do with it. Maybe it was Stan. Do you think Eminem really beat Guerrero with his hands? There are rappers that Eminem even pointed a gun at Guerrero and threatened to shoot him. For that, he was charged with possession of an unregistered weapon.

Eminem’s Struggles and Coping Mechanisms

Starting in 2004, Eminem had a hard period that lasted four years. First, it was drug addiction, then depression because of Proof’s death, then intensive care, then he was going into himself and getting fat. And in order to somehow hold on, he was boxing. A difficult psychological state plus boxing training, and as a result, the following happened.

In 2006, two guys went into the restroom at a strip club. One of them saw Eminem there with his bodyguard and decided to say hello, but he did it rather brashly. The bodyguard responded rudely, after which the second guy decided to intervene. As soon as he started to calm the guard down, Eminem turned around and punched the guy in the face. More accurately, he beat him up. He hit him five times in the head. You gotta ask, why does he need a security guard?

Surprisingly, the guy who was beaten up was the one who wanted to settle the conflict, and the one who was insolent towards the rapper. He was not touched. The strange thing about this story is this: the guy decided to sue the aggressive rapper only two years later, and the compensation he demanded was twenty-five thousand dollars. Not a problem for Eminem.

Impact of Eminem’s Diss Tracks

For many people, psychological aggression is considered much more violent than physical aggression. Eminem is strong here. He can call Kardashian ugly, insult Rihanna, and even go after Justin Bieber. But if he’s mentioned someone in his line, it’s still okay.

Public Perception and Moral Dilemmas

Some people even crack open the champagne afterward. His diss could really destroy careers. At best, it can destroy a rap career, but an artist can start making rock music, like Machine Gun Kelly. After this kill shot, it was so cool that people still five years later, seeing Kels, say, “Oh, that’s the dude that Eminem dissed.” But Kels only got more popular over time. I like his new songs. But in a bad outcome, Eminem’s diss could truly ruin a career.

Twenty years ago, Moby was a popular artist. Where is he now? Only his closest friends know. Where Benzino is, even his friends probably don’t know. Ja Rule used to record with Lil Wayne. Now you have to look on the missing persons list. And they all have one thing in common: they were dissed by Eminem.

Targeting Personal Relationships

Eminem dissed his ex-wife Kim as well. He’s done it many times in different songs, but the hardest one is “Kim” song. I was really afraid to listen to it as a kid. So, one day, he decided to perform this song at the concert when Kim was there. The rapper’s ex-wife admitted that it almost drove her to suicide. Imagine thousands of people saying nasty things about you. It’s hard, no matter who says what.

Eminem is an example to many, including me. He has done a lot of good things. At the very least, he motivates millions of people every day with his songs. But I’m going to tell you about an incredible case you didn’t know about, I think so.

Positive Influence and Acts of Kindness

The professor told an interesting incident that few people noticed. There was a crush at one of Eminem’s concerts. It happens a lot at big concerts. The concert was at England where the crush started. It’s really hard. When Eminem saw the crowd starting to push each other, he turned to the fans. “Okay, I want to play a game with you. Let’s take two steps back, one step forward, and so on a few times.” People took it as a flash mob, and the pressure on the front rolls decreased, causing no one to get hurt. Eminem may have saved a few lives.

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