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Eminem is a legend of rap and indeed a full media. In fact, he is a unique artist. He became popular with totally different styles and personalities, and you can highlight the brightest. Today I will tell you about them in detail and there will be an interesting raffle at the end. Don’t miss it.

Playful Eminem

First, of course, Playful Eminem, probably thanks to this image. Eminem became popular. His first album was mentored by Dre, and already there was a hit, My Name Is. By the way, it was then that most people learned about the rapper.

The Emergence of Slim Shady

If you think there’s such phrases, straight jacket, and obscenities, a common place. Not. It might be. Previously, everyone’s bet on this. Then, in the late 90s, we’ll learn about Slim Shady. It’s easy to guess because this album was called Slim Shady LP. It was Slim Shady who became Eminem’s Alter Ego, who made fun of everyone and jabbed at everyone. Everyone was finally convinced of this a year later when the track The Real Slim Shady was released. In the next album, one of his most famous songs ever.

The Evolution of Eminem

The style is exactly the same: white hair, mental hospital humor, filthy language. It’s hard to believe that he allowed himself on this more than 20 years ago. The song was so torn apart by the public that there was an incredible performance on MTV, lots of copies of Eminem, just like in the video. The audience was shocked. It was seen that it’s already impossible to surpass such indicators. But after another two years, it comes out Without Me. Just so you know, right now in Apple Music, Without Me is the most popular song in the history of the rapper. The song is one big joke that came out 20 years ago. Billions of plays on streaming.

Aggressive Eminem

Eminem expanded the number of looks he took on. He took even the most subtle films, parodying the most dangerous people in the world. People liked it. The whole tour, which was called The Anger Management tour, was done in a playful style. He knew he could do it and kept doing so. Asylum, straight jacket, superheroes, it was all there. Eminem took on Michael Jackson 2004 song, Just Loses. While only Slim Shady didn’t do there jokes about the nose. Fire Woman, you already know all this and have seen it.

Tragedy Strikes

In 2006, grief, happiness in Eminem’s life. His best friend Proof was killed, and of course, he was not in a mood for humorous song. He was not at all up to the songs. After depression that lasted for several years, he released the Relapse album. There was one track in it, a dead Slim Shady returned to the whole ward. Adult actress Lisa Ann, movie parodies, for example, The Rain Man.

Transition and Evolution

No one will say that Shady didn’t manage to return to the old image, but we all understand that this is not the same anymore. At a minimum, Eminem didn’t return to blonde hair. He returned them on the album Marshall Matters LP2, but only for that period. There was one super hit, The Monster, where Eminem said goodbye to Slim Shady, left him in the past, and finally abandoned blonde hair and that legendary rap. As sad as it is, we have to accept the fact that Eminem needs to move on.

Eminem’s Aggressive Rap

The main unique thing about this is that Eminem didn’t become a hostage to one image. Although the water door, his non-serious songs, Eminem was not associated only with them because he, along with them, he developed in another, in an aggressive direction. Actually, the Slim Shady LP is not Eminem’s first album. Back in ’96, Infinite came out. That’s when Dre noticed him. But the aggressive familiar to millions of people in My Name appeared precisely in the ’98. I already say that Slim Shady appeared along with the song My Name Is, but exactly at the same moment, aggressive rap was born. The second hit from the album is Just Don’t Give a f***.

Notable Aggressive Tracks

Everyone recognizes the first seconds of the song, and Eminem still performs this track absent language, confession of dracus harshness towards the elders. It was all in one song, in one video, the real F-bomb. Aggressive Eminem was on every album except one, and this album failed. But we will come to this later. Aggressive songs perhaps can compete with Slim Shady in popularity. These paths are also similar. Each song was more popular than the previous one.

“The Way I Am”

The Way I Am is a song in an aggressive money, in which he talks about his problems. He admitted that he screamed so hard in a studio that after the track, Hill lost his voice screaming. Eminem is one of his calling cards.

“Till I Collapse”

Till I Collapse, perhaps his main song in this style. It can be safely called the anthem of motivation in modern sports. On Spotify, the track breaks all sorts of records. Millions of people, myself included, can’t imagine their sports playlist without these songs.

“Lose Yourself”

And his most important songs in this image and in general, he is Lose Yourself. Oscar grabbed me, a billion views after releasing. Kid Eminem became a cult artist, and he wrote it in a few minutes when he had to come up with the soundtrack for 8 Mile. He thought Cleaning Out My Closet was too personal.

Of course, we can’t miss Jesus. He buried the careers of rappers with his aggression. Once upon a time, Ja Rule was a popular rapper. But later came, Go to Sleep. Once upon a time, MGK was a promising rapper. But Kill Shot came out, and now he’s a rocker.

Albums Highlighting Aggression

On almost every album, we saw an angry, aggressive Eminem. Let me list it for you. The Slim Shady LP, Just Don’t Give a f****. Martial Matters LP, The Way I Am, The Eminem Show, Till I Collapse, Soldiers, Say Goodbye Hollywood, Relapse, Underground, Recovery, On Fire, and Almost Famous. The Martial Matters LP2, Survival, Kamikaze, almost the entire album is an aggressive dis, and he will miss one album, Revival.

It did not have this aggression for which millions fell in love with Eminem. The feeling that in addition to Slim Shady, David Eminem also left us. I don’t consider the album a failure, but we have to admit that they are really isn’t there fine in the album so the masses of people and rappers attacked Eminem.

Eminem was silent for 7 months and then released Kamikaze, who put everything in his place. Evil Eminem is still alive, and when Eminem released Kill Shot, we realized that he’s still the best. But let’s move on to the main image of Eminem.

The True Eminem: Marshall

Yes, I call it an image, but it’s not an image at all. This is the real Eminem. This is Marshall. Marshall was always seen saying his work for which we fell in love with him back in the ’99 before great Fame. He wrote about his problems, about his hard life. One of the quintessential anthems depicting life’s challenges is “Mockingbird.” All the most important things about Haley’s childhood, about the time when Marshall had no money at all, about the first Fame, a hard life with Kim, he taught everything in this masterpiece. This is probably his most sincere song.

Emotional Depth

Another similar song is When I’m Gone. And tried to find a person who doesn’t like the song. Eminem realized that his song is almost a story about his pain to the viewer. Almost like a psychologist’s appointment. Therefore, this video is very symbolic.

Personal Struggles and Vulnerability

As for more suffering patients, for example, Marshall Matters, from Martial Matters LP, details of how his own mothers use him. Eminem was never afraid to appear weak. He also dedicated many songs to his friend Proof, telling how he fell at the moment. Going Through Changes is a True Confession. Details of how he almost died, how he was in depression, and how he got out of it.

Private Persona

In life, Eminem doesn’t go to constant interviews and doesn’t create artificial scandals. He is a rather private person. He was like dead as a child and still is, but as soon as he sees the microphone and hears the beat, we understand he is back.

And as for songs about love, you know, Love the Way You Lie, Love the Way You Lie Part 2, River, Beautiful Pain, and many others. Eminem, the artist you hear when you play sports, when you break up with a girl, and maybe with a boy, and when you want to laugh. The rapper was able to take several very different images and become the best in each of them.

Impact and Influence

Throughout his career, he was since he and was able to kindly distill into millions of people. When he wanted a joke, he joked so that the whole world out. When he was angry, everyone listened to this aggression. When it was half of him, we lived together with him the most difficult moments of his life.


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