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Eminem might be a rap legend, but he’s also a dedicated dad. Having grown up without a strong father figure himself, he takes his role seriously. You might be surprised to learn he has three kids, and one recently came out as non-binary. Let’s dive into the lives of Eminem’s family.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers

His eldest is Alaina Marie Mathers, born in 1993. Eminem adopted Alaina, whose mother is Dawn Scott – twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim. Alaina’s childhood wasn’t easy. Her mother struggled with drug addiction, and Eminem stepped in to offer a better life. Sadly, Dawn’s battle with addiction ended tragically in 2016.

Adoption and Education

Eminem adopted Alaina years earlier, sometime in the 2000s. While the exact date is unknown, he wanted to provide her with stability and opportunity. After attending Cherokee Elementary and Seneca Middle School, Alaina graduated from Oakland University.


On December 13, 2021, 29-year-old Elena got engaged to her fiance Matt Mohler. They’ve been together for seven years. She wrote this in her caption,

Got her a beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring. Elena added this,

Alaina Marie Mathers

We don’t really know what her relationship is like with her dad, but she follows them on Instagram, which is a good sign, isn’t it? Eminem has mentioned her in some of his work, for example, in “Mockingbird,” he uses the name Laney, which obviously refers to Elena.

Haley Jade Mathers

Haley Jade Mathers

Moving on to kid number two, Haley. Haley Jade Mathers is the daughter of Eminem and his ex-wife Kimberly Ann Scott. Haley was born on December 25th, 1995. She’s a Christmas baby, or more like a babe. This blouter doesn’t only look like her dad, but she’s also in the music industry. She is a musician, but her favorite things of all are makeup and beauty.

Academic Success and Music Career

She’s also smart. Haley has just finished her degree in psychology at Michigan State University. She was even on the dean’s list. That’s impressive, isn’t it? But she likes people and wants to be in the public eye. Apart from her music, her Instagram account is booming with 2.3 million followers. Her posts are mainly about her luxurious lifestyle.

Public Eye and Romantic Relationship

In January 2022, this stunning social media influencer shared pictures of her beach getaway. Boy, am I jealous. How about you? Haley rocks a tiny bikini next to a pool. Her caption reads, “This does this pool make my butt look big?” along with a laughing emoji. I’m sure lots of us wish we looked like that, but anyways, let’s move on. She has a lot of fans out there who constantly interact with her. She likes social media because it still fits in with her lifestyle where she enjoys spending time at home, going to fitness classes, walking her dog, and hanging out with a few select friends and her boyfriend, of course.

Haley’s been dating Evan McClintock for a while now. They met at college. She’s not afraid to tell the world how she feels about him by sharing a photo of him while cuddling each other. She had this to say, “I rarely share my feed, but when I do, I’m happy it’s with you.” He’s also been accepted by Eminem as a good partner for his daughter. Way to go, man. Eminem is a great dad. Haley and he loves her very much. Haley said that the two of them are very close.

Supportive Presence at Super Bowl 54

Haley Mathers showed up at the Super Bowl 54 on February 13th, 2022, with her sister Elena to support their dad’s performance during the halftime show. She posted a photo on Instagram from review at Sophie Stadium writing, “Here for the halftime show, staying for Stafford.” She received supporting comments, including from one person who said, “Your pops got the biggest ovation.” Eminem has mentioned her in many of his songs, including “Going Through Changes” and the aptly titled “Haley Song.

In the latter song, the rapper credits his daughter for holding his life together in raps, “My insecurities could eat me alive, but then I see my baby. Suddenly I’m not baffling. It all makes sense when I look into her eyes.” Who could have ever imagined Eminem being a good dad?

Whitney Mathers (Stevie)

Whitney Mathers (Stevie)

The last kid on our list is Whitney or Stevie. Born in 2002, Whitney Mathers is the daughter of Kim and her tattoo artist ex-partner Eric Harder. When Eminem and Kim reconciled, he adopted Stevie in 2005. He got full custody of Whitney because of her father’s drug and legal issues, but the adoption was kept quiet until the death of Eric Harder in 2020 at the age of 40.

TikTok Presence and Positive Impact

On August 2020, Stevie came out as non-binary with a TikTok video. Stevie’s TikTok video began with the words, “Watch me become more comfortable with myself,” then it flashed through a series of photos of them as Whitney, who went by she/her pronouns. As they got older, their hairstyles began to drastically change. Eventually, Whitney began going by they/she, and the video ends with the revelation that Whitney is now Stevie, forever growing and changing.

Stevie captioned the transformation video, “In 2017, Stevie came out as bisexual on Instagram. Recently, Stevie has come forward calling out Eminem for not telling her she was adopted in a video which has since been deleted.” Stevie recalled a conversation she had with the rapper about being adopted, “He’s not your real dad,” she wrote in the video, as if it was said by an unnamed person. “You’re adopted. You’re my real dad, right? Am I adopted?” She seemingly asked. Eminem said this, “I am your real dad.”

Stevie has 15,000 followers on TikTok. She shares her life with her followers but remains out of the spotlight. Her posts are specifically about her transformation. She has mostly received praise for her complete honesty and for standing up for people going through the same thing. Her videos have thousands of views. This 19-year-old often appears on Elena’s Instagram photos because they are very close.

Close Bond with Elena and Eminem’s Pride

She is a role model to her fans, and Eminem is really proud of her. He’s even mentioned her in her songs, “When I’m Gone” and “Going Through Changes.” He rapped, “Haley, this one’s for you, Whitney and Elena too. I still love your mother. That’ll never change. Think about her every day. We can never get it together.” Hey there, you have it, guys. Eminem’s three awesome kids. What do you guys think about them?

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