The Eminem and Messi Project Till 2024 (Secrets)

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Sometimes, you start to believe in magic, especially when you compare the best rap artist in history to the best soccer player in history. It’s something incredible, from the general characteristics to the deep nuances. It feels like their fates were written by the same screenwriters. But you remember, this is life. Even though it’s very much like a movie.

Today you will learn why Lionel Messi and Eminem are mirror images of each other. It will probably be hard for you to believe in such coincidences. You can also write who you think is the best soccer player and the best rapper. Let’s go right into the order of their lives.


They were both born in the Americas, one in South America (Argentina), the other in North America (the United States). But both guys aren’t from capital cities. Eminem is from Saint Joseph, Messi was born in Rosario.

Childhood Challenges

Both had difficult childhoods. Yes, you could say that about many people, but these characters have similarities that start at a young age. There was no money in the family of the future footballer, and in the family of the future rapper, that’s why there were not many prospects. But on top of that, both boys had deeper problems.

Many people said that Marshall was a bit off as a child in class. He just rocked in his chair, shook his head from side to side, and barely communicated with anyone. He was good only in English and could not master other subjects. Because of that, he stayed in the ninth grade three times.

We cannot say that M was diagnosed with some disease, but he was different from his peers. As for Leo, he had been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child. Lionel was much smaller than his peers, and he is short even now.

That is in addition to problems with money. The guys were physically behind their peers, which made their future even worse. However, their talents were noticed by big personalities and saved them. But more on that later.

Family Tragedies

The fates of the two legends are very similar in specific childhood traumas. Yes, Eminem’s father left his family when he was a child. Messi’s parents did too, but when both guys were at a young age, the people closest to them left them.

Influential Figures

What helped little Leo the most as a child was his grandmother. In general, it was thanks to her that he became a soccer player. She motivated him, supported him, and helped him. Unfortunately, when Messi was 11 years old, his grandmother died. His signature celebration of goals when he raises his hands to the sky is no coincidence. Messi dedicates all the goals of his career to his grandmother.

You know that late last year, he won the World Cup. When the decisive penalty kick was scored and Leo finally won the trophy, he said to the sky, “This is for you,” dedicating the major achievement of his life to his grandmother, to the person who early in Messi’s career did the most important thing for him – supporting him.

As for Eminem, he had a similar tragedy in his life. The main person for him was his uncle Ronnie. It was he who showed Eminem the hip-hop tapes after which Marshall fell in love with rap and started writing it. But unexpectedly for everyone, Ronnie decided to pass away and died by suicide It came as a shock to the young rapper. Later, he got a tattoo like this. It’s safe to say that these people, Messi’s grandmother and Eminem’s uncle, are the first ones thanks to whom the guys got on the right path and these people left future Legends at an early age, perhaps even making them stronger.

The prospects for both were bad. Messi from a poor town in Argentina, Eminem in Detroit, one of the most troubled cities in the United States. Marshall had no money, which caused him to wash dishes in cafes, and Messi had no money for the growth hormone to beat his disease. But here’s another similarity: they are both incredibly talented. Eminem wrapped in a way that amazed everyone, Messi was destroying everyone at children’s tournaments.

Talents Recognized

Luckily, they got noticed. Messi was spotted by Barcelona scouts at 13, and they gave him a quick contract right on the napkin. The club management promised to pay for his course of treatment. That was his salvation. Eminem also had an unexpected outcome. America’s most influential rap producer, Dr. Dre, was shown Marshall’s songs, and he immediately decided the guy should be signed. As M admitted, it was Dre who saved his life.

Early Career Moves

Messi, at a young age, flew to Barcelona and started his career there. Eminem, being older, flew to Los Angeles to start his rap career. Too bad their closest people, Grandma Messi and uncle Ronnie, never got to see them succeed. As soon as they broke into the big game, it was immediately clear to everyone that this was something new, and they are absolute talents.

Eminem amazed everyone with his incredible rhymes, meanings, and aggression. But the ease with which he did it all. Messi, an incredibly subtle soccer player who can do everything – penalty kick, long pass, long shot, technique, dribbling – he alone can do it all. Eminem is a great lyricist, an incredible motivator, a great provocateur, and a man who combines different genres – pop, rap, and rock.

The only difference is that Messi was always competing with Ronaldo during his career, while M had no competitors. His main competitor: himself. Messi showed the world his left foot, Eminem his ability to rap.

Shared Height and Handedness

There’s a coincidence here too, though: they are both left-handed. In 2015, there was even a southpaw movie about a left-handed boxer. That role could have been played by Eminem. And by the way, they’re both short. Messi is 170 centimeters, Eminem is 175 centimeters. Incredible similarities both in soccer and in music.


Our heroes are some of the most titled personalities. Messi has won everything he can: Golden Balls, golden boots, the Champions League, national championships, and more. Eminem is the same, every possible award from MTV, many Grammys, and even an Oscar.

Consistency and Resilience

Another similarity is everyone’s stability. After all, once Messi first came out loud, there wasn’t a year that wasn’t talked about. Sure, there are ups and downs, but he is consistently one of the best players in the world. No matter how many new players come along, no matter what team he’s on or what condition he’s in.

Eminem is absolutely the same, whether 25 years ago or now, he’s one of the best rappers. Even now, he’s the most watched rapper on YouTube – 5 billion views a year. Eminem has had a slump, but not because of bad music, but because of circumstances: the death of a friend and drugs. Then he disappeared for almost two years, but even then, he was at the top of the ratings. People were still interested in his work and listened to his music. Upon his return, his popularity soared to even greater heights.

Messi also went through recessions, club changes, the crisis in the national team of Argentina. He even talked about leaving, but the fans made him come back, and he came back and won the biggest award of his life.


And here is the most incredible coincidence: they have both proven over their careers to be the best in history. Okay, I think they are the best, but someone might argue. So let’s say some of the best in history. But they both took their biggest and most important awards just at the end of last year.

Messi won the long-awaited World Cup, which was held in Qatar. This definitively increased his greatness for the whole world, for most, it put an end to the debate about who was the best soccer player in history.

Eminem, around the same time, gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unbelievable. Messi’s first son Thiago and Eminem’s oldest daughter Haley were present during these awards. For those who don’t know, Marshall also has an adopted daughter.

Personal Connections

Despite their difficult childhoods, they shared these moments with their children. By the way, Eminem has a Hayley tattoo and Messi has a Thiago tattoo. Another coincidence, I can’t even believe it. They won their most important awards not even a year apart, but literally at the same time.

It feels like a movie. It’s amazing that their characters are similar. That’s how geniuses are alike. They say about Messi that he is a modest guy, quiet on his own, and so he is. But behind this character, there is a hot-tempered man who goes to the goal and loves only to win. Recently, he has shown everyone what he can be.

People who have met Eminem unexpectedly, including stars, have said he’s a polite and humble guy. But if you piss him off, he might even go to court. These people have made hundreds of millions of dollars over their careers, but we don’t see their mansions, expensive cars, and suitcases of money.

Humility and Dedication

They don’t have to show off because they love their business. They’re fans of their business, so they’re the best at it, and that’s what’s most important to them. Both legends are influencing young people all over the world. Millions of people have come to love rap music because of Eminem and play soccer because of Messi. They are known in every country and on every continent. They are living in the moment and doing what we love them for.

Now, enjoy the moment. Throughout most of their careers, Messi and Eminem shaved carefully, but eventually, they too grew solid beards. Even here, it was a coincidence. Perhaps they have more similarities that I forgot to mention. Post them in the post comments. Eminem and Messi definitely deserve your one comment!

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