Speculation on Eminem’s Album, BIG’s Influence, and Stephen A. Smith vs. Dr. Umar Drama

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As apart from the Eminem merch for the slim Shady LP 25th anniversary that stirred speculations based on some of the designs, we got more that sparked conversations on social media a few hours ago. A new rumor was linked to Eminem, and fans have been sharing their thoughts, which we’ll explore in a moment.

Today, we also have more from Stephen A Smith, who stirred heated debates a few days ago when a snippet went viral from the “Connect the Dots” podcast where Stephen A picked Eminem over Nas. I’m going to have to say, as much as I love Nas, I have to give the edge to Eminem. And now that the full episode is out, we got more from Stephen A, where he also explained why he picked Biggie over Eminem for his goat bracket. And their reactions to this have been quite interesting, to say the least. There is something about Eminem that gets the people going. More on this in a bit.

Dr. Omar’s Controversial Take

Today, we also have one that takes us back to the debates that have become a staple in hip-hop interviews. Dr. Omar’s take that Eminem could not be one of the best rappers of all time because he’s non-African. And this time, we got to hear from rapper, activist, and University lecturer D1, who broke down why he believes Dr. Omar’s statement is illogical. And we’ll get to this later.

Producer’s Attempts to Reach Paul Rosenberg

And before we get to it, it seems Rap Guard remakes producer has been calling Paul Rosenberg, as he dropped this a few hours ago on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Hey Paul Rosenberg, check DM, buddy.” “Yo, so I got your message. I wish you would answer the [ __ ] phone.”

Stephen A’s Hip-hop Goat Bracket Snippet

And starting with Stephen A’s snippet of his hip-hop goat bracket recently hit social media where he picks Jay-Z over LL Cool J, and B it over Eminem. See a snippet from the “Connect the Dots” podcast.

We have a semi-final with LL Cool J versus Jay-Z. Jay-Z, okay. And I love LL to death, as I said, and I appreciate him so much. “Hey Lover” one of my all-time favorites. But then all of a sudden, Jay-Z comes out with “Girls, Girls, Girls.” It’s close, closer than people think and want to give it credit for. But H is hope, and I got to give that love to Jay-Z. So we have Biggie versus Eminem. Eminem is here, uh, Biggie’s gone, God rest his soul again. Eminem is sensational, but I can’t give it to him over Biggie. I can’t give it to him over Biggie. Biggie is spectacular. I’m fantasizing, mhm, and I’m saying Biggie.

I think he was killed in 1996, right? If Biggie were alive today, I think he could be ho. And Stephen A picked Jay-Z as his overall goat, and this has started some interesting reaction so far.

Reactions to Stephen A’s Choices

For instance, some are wondering why isn’t Tupac on this list, a legit question if you ask me. And some are pissed off that he picked Jay-Z. Jay-Z is your goat, but he can’t fill a stadium with 70,000 people, and he doesn’t have the love of the public. It is unbelievable. The man is overrated, but this is his personal goat list at the end of the day.

And you wouldn’t believe what some users are still on about. Remember when the snippet hit Twitter that he picked Eminem over Nas? Well, in response to this snippet that he picked Biggie over Eminem, Nas fans and/or Eminem haters are still crying over that pick. Picking Eminem over Nas is chaotic, and the crying continued.

Eminem over Nas? In what way? Talking about bombs and elbows and burying people? Grandma ain’t bars, mind you. This post was about Biggie over Eminem, and these hip-hop heads are still crying about Eminem because Stephen A picked M over Nas.

And speaking on hip-hop heads crying about Eminem, Double XL recently posted this about today in hip-hop in 2011 when Eminem became the first and only rapper to have two Diamond albums with “The Eminem Show” and “MMLP.” And somehow, the people who don’t listen to Eminem seem to always have Eminem on their minds. It is wild. As this post was also met with tears, like we don’t listen to him, the white kids bought all them copies and pop top schools. Oh, that’s not all.

Because when Outkast, 50 Cent, Pac, or Big go Diamond, it is because of their talent. But when it is Eminem, it is this white privilege at an all-time high.

Now, the stans f a blitz me laughing and shrugs emoji, a tweet that would make Dr. Omar proud. But remember, Eminem and Tupac are the biggest rappers of all time outside the Western world, based on Chop Master’s Global report.

And we’ll get back to Dr. Omar at the latter part of the video. And check this out, people in the comments say, “It is only because Eminem’s fan base supports him.”

Well, now I ask, if that’s the case, why don’t other rappers’ fan base support their favorite rappers as well? Why does it have to always be hate on here?

Album Speculations and Discussion on Eminem’s Legacy

And moving on to the next point, we are in new album speculations season right now. And this dropped a few hours ago on Twitter that sparked conversations across platforms.

Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and White Gold are listed as TBA guest features for an album under unknown with rapper on the title. Unless there’s a mistake on the uploader’s end who posted the slate for March 15th.

Next week is empty for hip-hop besides this artist. It isn’t Kanye. Of course, there’s no mention of Eminem, but that didn’t stop the speculations.

Eminem, maybe he’s been really active suddenly, hasn’t released anything in years, and several rumors of an album or maybe touring. But I won’t fall for anything.

More on this note, probably vultures too. Although White Gold being a feature makes it a higher chance for it being an M album. I hope it is. And PTSD from the 21st of January 2022 has sparked responses like, “I won’t believe it until I see the album on my Spotify.” “I’ve been a fool believing there is something coming way too many times.” And I still think he ain’t dropping right now.

If he was to drop, he’ll likely drop around June, July. If he drops too late, it’ll hurt the on-core 20th-anniversary merch sales. And if he drops right now, it’ll hurt Slim Shady LP 25th-anniversary merch sales.

To be fair, everything’s sold out. And Eminem and Paul Rosenberg have revealed on multiple occasions that they are stick to the surprise strategy. “You got something coming?” “Are you working on something we should know?” “I’m always working.” “Yeah, and when I’m done working on it, then we usually put it out.” And if it was, if it be told, you it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, would it? Right?

So I speak for everyone when I say we aren’t expecting a new album on the 15th of March. Moving on to the next point, today the conversation that Dr. Omar started is still on. When he claimed Eminem could not be one of the best because he’s non-African. And rapper, SL activist, D1, spoke on this with the art of dialogue.

And according to him, Dr. Omar was pretty much looking for a viral moment by making those comments. Check out a snippet, “How do you feel about Dr. Umar saying that, you know, Eminem, he can’t be a goat in hip-hop because he’s white? Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Steph Curry, these names get brought up when we talk about the goats. Those are the goats. And guess what? All them people got in common? They all black.

But James Naismith was a white man. A white man created basketball. The root of what Dr. Umar was trying to talk about was saying, yo, if you didn’t create something, if your people didn’t create something, then your people can’t come along and be the best of this. If you didn’t originate it, I believe that’s the essence of his message. So I think Dr. Umar means well, oftentimes, but I do think that in an effort to be so pro-black, sometimes, uh, you sacrifice some common sense for the sake of sound bites, you know? And what sounds good to people, you know? I think that, and I say that with love to Dr. Omar.

In response to his take, some are still going on about being unable to play Eminem at parties. When was the last black party, wedding, barbecue, or any event where you heard us playing Eminem music? When has any black person got in a car and was like, ‘Man, turn that Eminem on’? He is not the goat of hip-hop, period. And the speaker of black people has spoken, which got this response.

That’s a low-level thinking requirement to address who to be goat if it was based on who are here in quote black parties. NS wouldn’t even be a top 200 rapper of all time. Jay-Z without the Paris song would be the same if I were to judge using this said standard of whose music you hear in clubs, SL parties.

And some have expanded, Eminem is an okay rapper, huh? But there is no rapper that puts it down like Tupac. After he passed away, there was no substance in music. So Tupac will forever be the goat. Some of his music can help a little kid survive in the hood, girl or boy. You can’t say that with nothing Eminem made. 100% shrugs emoji. Another speaker for all black people has spoken.

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