Nelly Sparks Debate, Eminem’s Team Speculates, Dr. Dre Salutes Timberland

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Today, we have a couple of topics to cover, including wed Spock heated debates on social media, all thanks to recent comments from one of the top 10 artists of the decade in the 2000s, Nelly. Nelly recently spoke on the state of competition in hip hop in the 2000s, and users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have been duking it out over Nelly’s comments. More on this in a bit.

Today, we also have more from Eminem’s team that sparked speculations, as Eminem and Paul Rosenberg have been accused of trolling fans. More on this later.

And today, we have one from Dr. Dre, who recently gave props to Timberland for his contributions to Hip Hop. Check it out from Timberland: “My inspiration, man. What a great night! 🔥 This guy is so fantastic, man. One of my inspirations.

He doesn’t know about it, but he has been one of my main inspirations throughout my career. Can you believe the amount of songs that this [ __ ] has produced? I was just back here talking to James Court, and he was just like, ‘Listen, I didn’t know he produced that.’ He produced that? Yes, yes, man. And I really appreciate you coming out and hand listen to this voice, man. Yeah, man, so fantastic, man. Thank you so much, Tim.

Tim, one of the best that ever did. Point blank period. Thank you, man. Really appreciate it.” And just in case you missed it, back in 2023, Timberland had this to say about Dr. Dre on IG: “My favorite producer, someone I always looked up to, Dr. Dre, the greatest to ever do it.” But some just can’t help themselves, as Dre’s video was also met with comments like, “Cuz Dre don’t make beats, he tweaked them” (laughing emojis).

Nelly’s Perspective

And moving on to the next point, today Nelly recently revealed what the competition was like back in the day in hip hop when artists actually sold records, unlike how it is today. And from the Shop podcast, check out a snippet: “When I put out songs, I had to go against DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Luda, all of us are fighting, yeah, for one spot. So from ’99 to like 2008, 2010, it’s the hardest era ever to get imp us.” And you’d never guess what started the heated debates.

In response to this clip from Nelly, and before we get to it, these initial reactions like, “All facts, his era had actual competition and they had to move physical copies. Now rappers have barely any competition and it is all streaming and chart manipulation.” And this is on point. And this also explains what’s been going on in recent years. Older successful rappers selling out arenas today with ease, while younger successful rappers struggle because fans back then were actually invested in their favorite rappers because they had to purchase the music.

But today, a song could go platinum off playlisting on Spotify alone, no actual effort from the listener. And another user expanded on Nelly’s point: “He is actually spot-on. Back in the day, artists had to sell like 500,000 first week to get a number one album in the United States, and there wasn’t wild competition. Nowadays, you see MFS selling 90,000 first week and getting number one, and their fans think they are quote big.”

Eminem’s 2000s Run

But if you’re wondering how Nelly’s comments started heated debates, those of you who have been following this channel have guessed it by now. Of course, it was about the number one artist of the decade in the 2000s, as hip-hop heads on X came for Nelly with takes like, “When was Eminem competing for number one spots on the rap charts?

Eminem didn’t get his first number one song on the rap charts until 2010 with ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ Nelly, though, had six number one songs on the rap charts: ‘Country Grammar,’ ‘Dilemma,’ ‘Grillz,’ ‘Hot in Herre,’ ‘A On Tail Feather.’ And before we point out the factual inaccuracies in this take, not is how Nelly mentioned Jay-Z, DMX, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, but somehow Eminem was singled out to downplay his run in the 2000s. Applaud everyone, applaud sarcastically. Uh, no, that sounds too sincere. Slow clap, there we go, nice and condescending.

Now, the tweet in question is mixing up the charts with the Hot 100, because ‘Love the Way You Lie’ wasn’t Eminem’s first number one, even if we focus on Billboard’s Hot rap songs chart. And speaking on the competition Nelly was talking about, Eminem’s first number one on the Hot 100 came in 2002 with ‘Lose Yourself,’ which spent roughly three months at the number one spot. And school was in session.

Imagine thinking the bestselling rapper of all time, who went diamond twice, currently three times with albums, wasn’t competing for number one spots. The hate is blinding. You. Out of all the names Nelly mentioned, Eminem is the one to question? ‘Lose Yourself’ went number one in 2002. By the way, the hip-hop head in question also doesn’t know the meaning of competing.

You don’t have to go number one to compete for the number one spot. If five rappers drop songs on the same week and their songs are ranking in the top five of that said week, they were all competing for number one. Losing doesn’t mean you didn’t compete. And in the 2000s, Eminem had two number ones on the Hot 100 and multiple songs that missed the top spot due to the stiff competition that Nelly is talking about: ‘Smack That’ peaked at number two, ‘Without Me’ number two, ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ number four, ‘The Real Slim Shady‘ number four, and all this was on when Ludacris, 50 Cent, Wayne, Jay, and others were all releasing bangers.

Even if we focus on the Hot rap songs chart, Eminem’s ‘Just Don’t Give a F***’ that debuted in ’98 was competing as it peaked at number five. The Eminem hate is unreal, as objectively no one has come close to what Eminem did in the 2000s in hip-hop music. And objectively, Eminem in 2002 is the greatest year any rapper has ever had.

The Eminem Show is currently the biggest hip-hop album of all time globally. The 8 Mile film opened at number one at the box office, and the soundtrack has moved over 18 million equivalent albums to date. This is the monster that they were competing with in the 2000s, and now throw in 50, Jay, Wayne, DMX, Nelly, Kanye, even J Ru, come on now. And some have concluded this is why you can’t talk about music for real on here. Laughing emojis.

Dude is the number one selling hip-hop artist of all time, and people are asking how he was competing for number one. Laughing and facepalm emoji. To make matters worse, they don’t know the meaning of the word compete, and some are confused. It came out of Nelly’s mouth, and you’re still whining. Get over it, please.

Speculations Surrounding Eminem’s 25th Anniversary of The Slim Shady LP

And moving on to the next point, Em and Paul Rosenberg have been extra active promoting the 25th anniversary of The Slim Shady LP that stirred speculations online. Takes like, “Em and Paul are trolling us so freaking hard, there has to be something coming relatively soon. The PSA videos just feel like they are leading up to something.” We don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it is an accident that the graphic designer of the T-shirt merch chose to do this. Slam Shady 2, that was no accident.

And now we’ve gotten multiple animations to promote the anniversary. And check out this exchange. Is this even merch? I feel like they’re just trolling us with The Slim Shady LP25 post, which got this response: “If this is just merch, it is wild. There are more than 10 publications just for a merch for an album from 25 years ago. Scar emoji.” And some are asking, “Album hype building, you think this [ __ ] is [ __ ] cool?”

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