Is Eminem Gay Now? The Truth You Need to Know

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There have been many rumors and speculations about Eminem’s sexual orientation. In “The Interview”, a cameo appearance is made by him where he comes out as gay. But the scene is scripted, it’s not real.

But still, he has been accused of homophobia in the past because of derogatory language used towards LGBTQ+ community in his lyrics. Nevertheless, he has also shown support for gay rights and performed at events like MTV Video Music Awards with openly gay singer Elton John.

In a 2017 interview with Vulture Magazine, when asked if there is any truth to this or not, Marshall Mathers replied saying “I don’t think I ever said I wasn’t gay but that doesn’t mean I’m straight either”. He went on further stating that he does not have any problem with homosexuals but added quickly afterward, “But if one more person bothers me about being either bi or straight – as long as they’re hot!” Also during this same interview Em revealed using Grindr app before too which is famous among guys who love guys (gay men).

Is Eminem Gay Now?

Eminem has long been rumored to be gay. However, there isn’t any evidence proving this case against him. In fact, the rapper himself has discussed his heterosexuality on several occasions.

One of the reasons people might think Eminem is gay stems from a scene in the movie “The Interview” where he jokingly comes out as homosexual. Although intended as satire some took it seriously and believed him to truly be so. But no such luck here folks!

Through representatives close to Marshall Mathers III they’ve made clear their client isn’t interested nor attracted towards members belonging under same-sex category; best exemplified by years spent married with children mothered by ex-wife Kim Scott who’s never been known for masculinity herself rather quite opposite really feminine lady all around (but that’s besides point now).

Is Eminem Confirmed Gay?

Eminem’s sexuality has been a topic of conversation for years, and many rumors have circulated about his supposed homosexuality. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

In the 2014 film “The Interview”, the rapper made an appearance where he jokingly announced that he was gay. This led some fans and media outlets to believe that Eminem had come out as homosexual in real life but this was just fictitious scene from movie; Marshall Mathers’ sexuality remains unconfirmed by himself or anyone else despite what one may hear on street corners around Detroit city limits these days!

Nevertheless some critics view Em’s frequent use of anti-gay slurs within lyrics as indication point towards overcompensating for latent same sex attraction which others have perceived through reading between lines themselves noting absence any public acknowledgement such feelings even when pressed hard enough against wall they cannot help but wonder whether perhaps it might be true after all given everything else going wrong lately for troubled artist like him…

It should also be noted that throughout his career Eminem has used music not only denounce homophobia but also advocate rights within LGBTQ+ community with songs such as “Rap God” where he raps “And I don’t know what the fuss is about / But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say / Gay people, yeah, they’re just like us.”

LGBTQ+ Community Relations

Eminem’s relationship with the LGBTQ+ community has always been complex. He occasionally shows support for them while at other times he uses derogatory language or makes offensive comments about their lifestyle choices.

Back in 2001 during Grammy Awards Show Elton John performed his hit song “Stan” alongside Eminem – this seemed like major step forward towards bridging gap between these two groups who seem so very far apart from each other sometimes……but then immediately afterward (and indeed ever since) Marsh went right back into using homophobic slurs within lyrics including such terms like “faggot” which only seems to perpetuate negative stereotypes.

Eminem, in recent times, has attempted to sever his associations with homophobic comments and shown support for LGBTQ+ rights. One example of this is in 2017 when he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards alongside transgender musician and activist, Laverne Cox and wore a shirt saying “Fack Trump” with a rainbow flag.

Eminem’s statements

Rumors about Eminem being gay have been circulating for many years now. When confronted by the media, he rarely assigns himself any specific identification or definition but instead chooses to remain vague. He usually says “I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion” when asked directly whether or not he is homosexual.1

In 2014, Eminem made an appearance as himself in the movie “The Interview,” where during a fake interview on Dave Skylark’s (James Franco) talk show; he jokingly revealed that he was gay. This scene created quite an uproar and only added fuel to fire concerning speculations about his sexual orientation. Nevertheless, later on Eminem came out stating it had just been intended as humor all along while clearing up misconceptions by saying: “I’m not gay; I never said I was gay; I don’t have any problem what so ever with homosexuals it’s just been something that people want me to be for years.”1

In some of his songs Eminem uses homophobic slurs which has caused people speculate on his sexuality however he has also spoken against homophobia and shown support for LGBT community. In 2010 interview Anderson Cooper asked him if there was anything wrong anyone could say about him being attracted towards other men & Em replied saying “I don’t got no problems with nobody you know what mean like I’m whatever you know what I mean I could care less”.2


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