Is Eminem Dropping a New Album in 2024?

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By Harry

Are you looking for a new Eminem album? Well, here we are. Yes, sir, it’s rumor season and I’m hyped. Oh yeah, I mean, every single person that is waiting for a new Eminem album. I don’t know, I can imagine that we are that foolish enough to believe every single rumor just because we want to have that, I don’t know, that something that evokes a sense of excitement within us, sparking the thought, “Wow, a fresh M&M album is on the horizon.”

Recent Speculation

Well, the last past weeks, a couple of things start to happen. I mean, we have rumors since the Last Time Marshall dropped something, uh, Music to Be Murdered By SBE, uh, and before that, since Eminem wanted to drop something without telling us, uh, the internet starts to flood with rumors every single time. But this week or the last past two weeks, I don’t know, it feels like it’s we have something different.

Slim Shady LP 25th Anniversary Promotion

Everything starts with the promotion of The Slim Shady LP 25 years anniversary. We start to see a lot, like a lot of promotion from M&M and the team. We start to Eminem once and always promote the merch that he drops. He’s a professional merch seller and, uh, yeah, he used to do that, but this time it’s like it feels like it’s too much maybe, you know, too much boast and whatever, but that doesn’t anything like is it is an important album, the first one that starred everything and it’s 25 years old, man, you can absolutely start to uh, dropping post and and selling merch and everything that he’s doing, but this time around I think something is happening like we might not have anything this Friday but I don’t know, we need to talk about this in a tweet.

Insider News Sparking Speculation

We have some news from an Insider, like music industry Insider that spark speculation. The Tweet mentions an unnamed rapper with guest features including Rihanna and Lil Wayne and white gold with no new releases from major hip-hop artists on The Horizon, fans overwhelmingly believe this points to Eminem, a theory fueled by the immense appetite for new music.

Absolutely, we want some new M&M, okay? And someone tweeted, “Why go preview a track where he starts singing, ‘Hey Slim, M has been in the studio for some time.'” He also confirmed he’s working on a little something, that’s true with uh, sway he talks so, so uh, so asked him if he is going to drop soon and and M said, “Well, I’m, I’m working on a little something and when we get that finished, we’re going to drop it.” But then, White Gold said reply to that tweet, “That song is never coming out. I hadn’t even sent it.

It was just an idea I was working on then I forgot to put in my close friends, sorry.” Then the people start to tell White Gold, “Man, why you do that? That was fire. I personally think that that is fire. I personally think that I’m really sad that that song we never had the opportunity to listen to that song because I think it’s something different.

I never heard M on a beat like that or it has this like this feeling that you can talk and you can have the storyline of Slim Shady 25 years later, but well, White Gold said no, it’s not going to happen. It’s a no-go. Well, some people said that White Gold said a couple years ago when it was another rumor about Eminem and White Gold having a song on the new album.

He said that, “No, it’s not true. I don’t have any song with Eminem.” And a week later, we have Music to Be Murdered By SBE with White Gold on a song, so this might be the same White Gold trying to say, “Man, this is not happening and we’re going to see that, listen to that, hopefully.”

Merchandise Teases

But then we have some things with the post of the merch. Okay, I want to read the post that Rosenberg Paul, uh, dropped two weeks ago. It says, “Special edition M Slim Shady LP 25 years. So it’s your vinyl and a ton of other really great collectibles and gear drops Thursday, seeing up for Early Access, trust this stuff is going to go quick.” Yeah, everything goes quick, like it’s not cheap but Eminem just sells everything.

So yeah, every single thing is almost sold out. But then he says, “And some of it is well, you will see what we’re going to see or the people that buy that.” So trust me, trust this stuff is going to go quick and some of it, well, you will see what. Why then we have the Slim Shady 2 t-shirts and yeah, I say that because they made us think that is a Slim Shady too. But why do you think, why do you put two shirts, two white shirts, basic white shirts on a package and sell it for $75? It’s not too much.

Yes, an Eminem package, I think it comes with something else, uh, the chain or something and a couple of stickers, but yeah, they do that on purpose, maybe Slim Shady 2, The Real Slim Shady white t-shirts, okay, 75. You can, I don’t, I’m from South America, I’m not from America, I’m not from United States, but I think that you can buy one t-shirt, I don’t know, for $10, $7, $14, it seems too much. How much does an album cost, $20? $20 an album.

So if we have t-shirts that you can buy for $20, maybe put it that way, $20, two t-shirts, $40, plus maybe another CD, $60, plus something else, stickers and whatever, you can understand that you are buying a big package without a Surprise album. I never heard anyone do this, like sell a merch with a new album coming by surprise, but that would be awesome, that would be awesome, and we know that the Eminem and the team loves to surprise people, so why not, right?

Clues from Recent Activities

But that’s not it, that’s not it, that’s not why I’m thinking that we might have an album this Friday, this 15th of March. Why, okay, let’s see, we have a lot of things that it can be like Slim Shady LP in the merch says Marshall mothers and we have three stars with the e but that might be Marshall mothers third his name people believe that might be a marshall mothers three, uh, op, I don’t know.

But the thing that gives me hope and I don’t know why anyone or I didn’t hear anyone talking about this is this, the last week, they were posting like animated skits from the skits from the Slim Shady LP. We have the Public Announcement, we have another one with Paul Rosenberg, and we have, uh, the last one that they dropped was this girl talking about how disgusting she was with this Dia.

Analyzing Clues

I want to focus on this one and what’s going on, this is Paul Rosenberg, your faithful attorney of law. Listen, I listen to the rough copy of your album and, uh, you know, I just got to be honest with you, can you T it down a little bit because there’s only so much I can explain. Give me a call, I want to bus right here.

I always look for whatever clue we might get, and I saw something that just caught my attention. Let’s see the cards on the table. We have the box of a card that is one heart. Alright, the poker card. Then we have two cards on the table. One is in red, which says it is the five, and the other one is a three. Okay, one heart, five in red, that means 15, and a three, which means March.

So, the 15th of March is a Friday. Usually, we get new albums on Friday. This is why I think we might have something prepared. This is why I think they are selling stuff for the 25th anniversary of Slim Shady LP, and you are buying two white shirts only for $75. It says on the page I can find it right now but says spec to come before 31st of March.

People think that’s the day that we are going to have the album. I don’t know. I think if you buy a t-shirt of that package, it might come next week with the album that just dropped on Friday, and you have the physical copy. I don’t know, let me believe. And then yeah, we have on the part of the shop, the page if you go to music explore this cover Fe.

We don’t have much. We have a Slim Shady LP, then we have the vinyl Slim Shady LP vinyl 26.98. Then we have another, and again, The Slim Shady LP vinyl with the same price. Why two times? I don’t know, it might be a mistake, but this in this part I don’t know if this we here like five-six years ago, I don’t know, we don’t know, but if you press here you can read this stay up to date, more releases to come.

This again might have been here for a long time ago, but why you hide that stay updated, more releases to come preview here, it’s like private. I don’t know, that’s another thing that makes me believe they are playing with us, but something is happening. Again, I think the skit with Paul and the cards are telling us something. It might be that I really want an M&N album, me, you, every single one of us. I don’t know, man.

I think we are going to [ __ ] wait and see what happens a couple of days. The 15th of March. So, what do you think? M’s going to drop or are we taking the L again and again and again? I don’t know. I want to believe. Well, that’s it for today, my friends. I just want to talk about the rumors about the new album that might be happening this Friday. Hopefully. But well, like I said, we will see that. Um, have a nice day.

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