Immortal Technique on ‘8 Mile’ Ending, White Gold Shutdown Rumors & Boosie’s Reaction

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Hello again and welcome back, and today we have a couple of topics to cover. One that takes us back to a snippet that hit social media a few months ago, back in late 2023, that pointed to an upcoming Eminem collaboration with White Gold, who was featured on “Music to Be Murdered By”.

We recently got an update on this in response to the latest rumor of an album slated to drop on the 15th of March that’s been linked to Eminem, and we’ll get to more on this in a moment. Today we also have one that hits social media from rapper and activist Immortal Technique, who reportedly spoke on the significance of Eminem’s “8 Mile” in relation to how it was for rappers in the real world, specifically the ending of the film, and we’ll get to this in a bit.

Today we have one that shows how the internet never forgets, this time linked to Louisiana rapper Booy, that caught the attention of both Eminem and Jay-Z fans based on previous comments he’s made about Jay-Z and Eminem, and we’ll get to this at the latter part of the video.

Starting With White Gold

So starting with White Gold, in the last video we covered a rumor about an album that features Rihanna, Wayne, and White Gold rumored to drop on the 15th of March. As expected, most hip hop fans linked this to Eminem. In response to this tweet, White Gold previewed a track where he starts singing, “Hey Slim, Em has been in the studio for some time.” He also confirmed he’s working on a little something and both Rihanna and Wayne are possible features for a new Eminem project. Do you know anything else about this drop?

And for those who missed it, this was the snippet in question: “Hey Slim, want it, get wasted, you got all the money in the world, I know you, boy. No, but really Slim, you know you can have two million hoes when you tore, maybe more. Look, I thought you was a rapper, besides the money, ain’t this what you doing it for? Maybe I’m wrong. And As the World Turns, you know the public is moving on from you, right?”

This caught White Gold’s attention, and he’s cleared the air about the snippet. “That song is never coming out. I hadn’t even sent it. It was just an idea I was working on that I forgot to put in my close friends. Sorry.”

Although some have reacted with, “Y’all remember when there was a fake tracklist for ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ Side B and White Gold posted, ‘There are no tracks with M,’ just to get a song a week later? All aboard the hype train. Either we eating or another L.” And this is true when it comes to rumors. The weeks leading up to ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ Side B turned out to be the only legit so far this decade when it comes to new music rumors. We even got the album art a few days early for Side B from an Eminem associate on IG who worked on the album. Users initially thought it was fake, and then boom, Side B dropped.

According to reports on Reddit, Immortal Technique recently had a couple of things to say about the ending of “8 Mile” during a livestream. Check it out. In a recent live session, Immortal Technique expressed his belief that individuals might choose to engage with hip hop when seeking a lighthearted, jovial persona rather than one characterized by intellectual depth, and he named different backgrounds and ethnicities, and then said, ‘They don’t want an intelligent person that represents poor white class working people.

Very Realistic Ending

You witnessed a glimpse of this phenomenon with Eminem, as he emerged from a blue-collar upbringing. The best thing about that freaking movie ‘8 Mile’ is that he goes home with nothing. That was the realest. I was like, ‘Oh, these battles are cool. Like, this is a fun movie to watch.’ But the realest is when he went home with freaking nothing. I was impressed. I was like, ‘Oh, wow, that’s a real ending,’ because that’s how I used to go home with a few hundred in my pocket, like, ‘What the f* am I going to do? How am I going to make next week?

Hell, alright, I got to figure this out, dude.’ And this third response is like, ‘That’s what I love about the ending of the film. He never got his girl. He didn’t get a deal to be on his way to superstardom, but he won one fight. He won his confidence back, and he goes back to work, hopefully on his way to building himself a better life.’ It’s a very realistic ending.”

A few individuals have expressed, “Indeed, I hadn’t pondered the conclusion much, but that’s quite commendable.” There is a lot of good about that movie, whether you’re into rap or battling or not.”

Booy’s Story

And moving on to the next point, Booy recently shared a story that’s got Jay-Z and Eminem fans coming for him based on comments he’s made in the past about them. And this snippet from a recent livestream opened the floodgates. “You supposed to be quide at the Pelican game. They don’t want to give me no courtside ticket.

That’s cold-blooded, Pelican. They don’t fck with me. I ain’t not the players, you know. Just every time I try to get courtside tickets, I can’t get courtside. They offer me 1K to perform at the halftime show and not even no courtside seats. Atlanta played 10,750 to perform today.

Artist 10,000. Easy setting and fast 10,000. And courtside seats. Pelicans told me they had 1K for me to perform twice. You think this is cool? A man in one night and that don’t even come with no seats. A man, they wanted me to perform at the HBCU night. And people say 1K, and I’m from Louisiana. That’s chaotic, man.”

Now, if you don’t know, back in 2023, Booy made these comments that made headlines. “Booy says he’s more of a goat than Jay-Z in the South. The South don’t put Hove over Badass.” And back then, you could find takes like these on social media. “This is straight facts. HOV don’t get no playtime in the club/radio down here unless it is ‘Big Pimping.’

The internet also didn’t forget the comments he made about Eminem when he was asked if he agrees with Dr. Umar’s claims that Eminem can’t be one of the best because he’s non-African. ‘I never heard Eminem that one time in the speakers in my project.

I gotta be honest. None of my friends ever said put Eminem on. Play that new Eminem, you know. I only saw it on MTV, you know, TV. I hear Eminem, I’ll be like, okay, I like that song, you know. But I never went bought a CD. I never, you know, stood out the store when CDs was to buy. MMCD.”

So, of course, in response to this news that he was offered $1,000 to perform in his own city, some fans came with the jokes. “Better than Hove, I’m told.” And based on his rec comments about Eminem, some have reacted. “Same guy that was talking on Eminem’s name,” laughing emojis. “But no disrespect to Booy, but this is a horrible look for those who make comments like, ‘The South don’t play Eminem,’ or ‘They don’t play Eminem in nightclubs.’ Reality doesn’t care about narratives on social media.

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