How Eminem Destroyed Rappers’ Careers

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Since the beginning of rap culture, dissing has been a big part of it, and Eminem has a long history of dissing others in his songs. One of his most deadly weapons is his sharp tongue when dissing other singers, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Mariah Carey: A Long-standing Feud

Among all the celebrities he has dissed, who has he destroyed? Everything began in 2002 when Eminem implied they were dating in a song, “Superman,” when he addressed Mariah, Mariah mocked Eminem and had some choice words for him in the song, “Clown,” which he later denied. The rapper apparently responded by playing Carey’s voicemails at his concerts.

The ongoing conflict between Eminem and Mariah Carey ignited in 2001 amidst speculations of a romantic involvement between the two. However, a year later, while Eminem confirmed the relationship during an interview with Rolling Stone, Carey completely denied the affair in her interview with Larry King. After Eminem mentioned Carey’s dishonesty in several of his songs, Carey released a song called “Obsessed” in 2009, clearly directed at Eminem’s beef with her.

Eminem was quick to respond, though, with the warning, “Carrie has been silent on the issue ever since.” The “All I Want For Christmas” singer then released the diss track “Obsessed,” to which the Detroit native responded with the song “Warning.” He brought up her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, in a devastating and nasty way. Minds are spinning because the beef keeps coming back. Why can’t we just get along? Let’s go on because years have passed.

Will Smith and Eminem: The Exchange of Disrespect

At the MTV Music Awards in 1999, Will Smith’s track “Miami” clinched the award for Best Male Video over Eminem’s hit “My Name Is. During the acceptance speech, Smith pointed out that he could sell records without swearing or killing anyone, a clear jab at Eminem’s profanity-laden rap songs. So naturally, Eminem couldn’t miss a chance to fire back at the former Fresh Prince on his next single, “The Real Slim Shady,” on “The Marshall Mathers LP” 2000. The lyrics were, “Will Smith don’t got to cuss in his rap to sell records while I do.”

Eminem’s Political Statement: Targeting Donald Trump

The rapper repeatedly used his songs to demolish Donald Trump. Nevertheless, I’ll discuss our personal favorite, a freestyle rap at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Considering that he began his career in combat rap, the Detroit musician had no trouble coming up with lyrics at the time. He even stated that any fan of his who is a supporter of Trump, he was drawing a line in the sand. And if the fan couldn’t decide who they liked more or who they should stand beside, he would give them the finger.

Lampooning Celebrities: “We Made You”

2009 saw the release of “We Made You,” the second single from Eminem’s sixth studio album, “Relapse.” Celebrities include Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian, are made fun of in the song. The critics mostly agreed with it, while some people were outraged. But still, the rapper wanted to show us, in a goofy way, that celebrities aren’t much better than us. This also critiques our society because we made those kinds of people famous and popular. So what does that say about us? On a lighter note, Kim Kardashian felt honored to be mentioned by Eminem in a song. That’s the spirit!

Britney Spears and Eminem: A Continuing Saga

From “Marshall Mathers” to “We Made You,” Eminem hardly releases an album without at least one Britney Spears diss. And 2013’s “The Marshall Mathers LP2” was no exception. With this dis, an evil twin. But Britney Spears remains an Eminem fan, calling him a genius on her short-lived reality show with ex-husband Kevin Federline. In his songs, he sings, “I should call the looney police, come get me, ’cause I’m so sick of being the truth. I wish somebody would finally admit me into a mental hospital with Britney.”

Vanilla Ice and Eminem: A Cold War

Eminem and Vanilla Ice have never exactly been on friendly terms. Ever since Eminem has worked to create his own legacy as a white rapper rather than just following in the footsteps of Robert Van Winkle. In 1999, Vanilla Ice gave Eminem the ammunition he needed when he told Vibe magazine that Eminem raps like a girl.

Shortly after, Vanilla Ice began donning a close-cropped bleach hairstyle similar to Eminem’s signature do. But when Eminem called him out in “Marshall Mathers,” on “The Marshall Mathers LP” 2000, Vanilla Ice stayed cool, insisting to The Washington Post in 2006 that he didn’t have any hate for Eminem at all, and that he was glad there was another white guy out there having success.

Moby vs. Eminem: A Surprising Turn

When Moby referred to Eminem as homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic at the 2001 Grammy Awards, it all began on his popular song “Without Me.” The rapper paid him back by making light of his advanced age and expressing a threat to have his protege, Bizarre, assault him.

At the 2002 MTV VMAs, Eminem even issued a combat challenge to the electronic musician. What’s interesting about this feud is Moby holds no resentment towards Eminem. Also, he hails him as an amazingly talented rapper with a long and successful career. Interesting tidbit: “Without Me” happens to be his preferred Eminem track. Can you guess the reason behind it? It gave him loads of free publicity.

Political Critique: “Mosh”

In an uncharacteristically political song called “Mosh,” on his album “Encore” 2004, Eminem uses his influence during the eve of the presidential re-election to call out President Bush for his incompetencies. But as we all know, Bush received a second term and has never acknowledged the incident.

The rapper sang, “F Bush until they bring our troops home.” Someone’s trying to tell us something. Maybe this is God saying we’re responsible for this monster, that coward, that we have empowered.

Christina Aguilera: A Lesson Learned

Eminem’s first disc Christina Aguilera in a song, “The Real Slim Shady.” This was because of Aguilera’s TV interview when she commented on his relationship with Kim Mathers. Everyone can see the pattern at play here: never bring up a rapper’s relatives. He always seeks revenge.

Since then, Christina’s made an effort to brush it off. But we bet she will always regret talking about Eminem. As long as Eminem keeps insulting the singer repeatedly over the years, this feud doesn’t seem like it has an end in sight.

Machine Gun Kelly: A Costly Mistake

Possibly the biggest mistake that Machine Gun Kelly had ever made was remarking on how attractive Eminem’s daughter is. How on Earth was that ever a good idea? Dude, Over time, Kelly was the target of subtle jabs, but on his “Kamikaze” album, Eminem launches a blatant attack.

Naturally, Kelly retaliated with his own diss song, a song called “Rap Devil.” Kelly has continued to mention his daughter, despite the fact that Eminem decimated him musically. Once again, Slim Shady remains the victor of this rap feud in the eyes of supporters.

Ja Rule vs. Eminem: The Battle of Labels

What started out as a beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule was a war between record labels. Eminem would only get involved after Ja Rule asks about his daughter, Haley, and what she would grow up to be. Slim Shady continued to humiliate the Queen’s rapper with the songs “Doe Rae Mi,” “Haley’s Revenge,” “Bully,” and “Hail Mary.” It accelerated Ja Rule’s already declining career’s progress.

People don’t pick up on other people’s errors, simply said. You cannot attack M’s daughter and escape unharmed or maintain a consistent career. What are your thoughts? Your thoughts on this, let us know in the comments of this post.

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