Hot Topics 2024: Ratting, Eminem, and Joe Biden’s Controversy

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Today we have a couple of topics to cover, from one that shows when keeping it real goes wrong on camera, as Benzino was busted for lying about being a rat. To be fair, it seems like Benzino doesn’t realize that he’s already been exposed in multiple videos by Wack 100, and we’ll get to this in a moment.

Today, we also have more that continues the conversation that Dr. Omar started about Eminem. This time, actor and comedian Donald Rawlings shared his thoughts on Dr. Omar’s claims that Eminem can’t be considered one of the best rappers of all time because he’s non-African. And spoiler alert, he didn’t take the bouy route. More on this in a bit.

Today, we also have one that landed Joe Biden in hot water when he spoke about the state of female rap. How an era has come to an end and this st. roast in session for Joe B. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts later if it was deserved. So starting with Benzino, like Wack 100 claimed a few days ago, the street is a myth. At least when it comes to Benzino, who never misses an opportunity to ramble about how he’s a street dude. “They can’t tell me I’m a street [ __ ]!”

Benz Was Busted

And this time, during a live stream, Benz was busted for denying that he “told on his cousin guy,” and we got this on camera thanks to Zip with a Drip. And Wack 100 reposted a clip. It goes Benzino said, “Bet $220,000 he ain’t say his nephew did something to him. Don’t owe me $20,000. Look, man, why more live? You told me that your nephew is the first person to tell the police. ‘I just read it when you on the stand and they ask you, ‘Do you know who shot you?’ You said, ‘You said God shot me.’ Bet me $20,000. You see me and that page said that. Yes, God shot. Let’s put some money up there, my [ __ ]. 20 BS, I’ll take that back. Okay, this is the prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong.”

A few moments later, 3177 Pages page 42 of that the Comm didn’t give you opportunity at all. They didn’t say here listen to your interview, take your recording of your interview. Nope. Is that because you told them you didn’t know who shot you? Ah, miss objection. The court: No, you may answer the question. What was the question? “Is that because you told them you didn’t know who shot you?” “I don’t recall.” “You don’t know if you told him that?” “I don’t recall.” “Well, who shot you?” “I know. God shot me.” “Now you know God shot you?” “Y yo, Beno, you said bet you $20,000. I can’t find you saying that nowhere in them papers. Send it in. Send it in pennies. [ __ ] I wouldn’t give a [ __ ] if you sent it.”

And although we saw Bzo lose $20,000 on camera, this is a great reminder of Eminem’s lyrics on “Nail in the Coffin” when Eminem responded to Benzino claiming he’d “smack Em’s mom.” Eminem wrapped, “Slap my mom, slap the F out of her, she can’t sue you, she wouldn’t get a Bo out of you, cuz you’re broke as F.” Over 20 years later, and some things haven’t changed. So good luck with Zip getting the $2,000 he won on camera.

Donald Rawlings on Eminem’s Struggles

And moving on, actor and comedian Donald Rawlings was recently asked about his thoughts on Dr. Omar’s claims about Eminem, and during a chat with Vlad, he revealed that while he believes that is Dr. Omar’s personal opinion, he took it further to explain how Eminem had it tougher to earn his respect since hip-hop is a black space. Check out a snippet: “I’ll put like this, with Eminem, it was even tougher for him to get to the point where people even would mildly respect him, and it, to be straight, because he’s white. Because he’s white, I understand we in certain fields and things, we broke the color barrier, but for him to break the black rap color barrier for people even to consider n it took a long time. [ __ ], that white boy.

It went from that to like, ‘Wait a minute, he’s nice. He’s nice.’ But in some people’s minds, that he would never be able to be the all-time greatest rapper. And to be quite honest, I don’t give a [ __ ]. But there’s some people that’s stuck in the fact that they can’t get all the fact this that he’s white and he’s nice. But the whole thing that who’s the best rapper, all that who’s this in your top five, we can make an argument forever, but it’s all subjective on what you like, h, what do you like? If you like Jay-Z, you like Jay-Z. If you like Eminem, you like Eminem. But me, I don’t even really have time to even argue about there’s never going to be no resolve.”

Dr. Omar’s Take

And so far, we are yet to see anyone in the industry who has been asked about this flat-out agree with Dr. Omar’s take that skin color equals instant disqualification. And Vlad is getting called out for asking his guests these questions about Dr. Omar and Eminem, as some are convinced he has an agenda. Check this out: “So I’m guessing Vlad is going to bring up Dr. Umar to everyone. Once Vlad don’t like you, he tries to make it a team effort.” And I found this next one ironic because we have objective data on social media that proves the opposite. “Why does Vlad always ask this question? Be honest.

Most black people aren’t talking about Eminem at home, nor debate. But he is a great rapper.” When right now, as we speak, rap fans on Twitter are still debating over Eminem because Stephen A. Smith picked Eminem over NS. The narrative that “black people aren’t talking about Eminem” is comical. Even on the Joe Biden podcast, they were talking about Eminem before Dr. Omar made those divisive comments. Even people who claim no one listens to Eminem always have something to say about him.

Joe Biden’s Controversial Remarks on Female Rap

And speaking on Joe Biden, he’s in hot water right now over comments he made about the state of female rap that led to a roasting session. And before we get to it, check out a snippet from the Joe Budden podcast that started the fire: “Y’all ain’t going to want to hear from me, but the girl rap wave is over. Just telling you what it is. Typically, I stay ahead of the curve by several months, and occasionally, even a few years ahead. The girl rapid wave is is phito. So, Lotto shall remain, she will, Flo Milli shall remain, got it. Rapsody’s presence is enduring, yet she never truly felt integrated. But all of that, go find a girl, put her in the studio with [ __ ], Mike Will or any one of them [ __ ].

All of that, planting the girl in the scene, getting the record and it taking off, that wave is over. I think labels are looking at it like very few of y’all are selling records. Let me get to Cardi B. Cardi B is afraid, and I’m tired of just nobody saying, I think that she’s afraid to put a project out because the wave of if you put a project out and it don’t do what it’s supposed to do, you’re dunzo. Rates go down, prices go down.” And boy, they came for his neck on X, formerly known as Twitter, as this went viral.

Megan Getting Number One Records

And what does he know about selling records? But some have hit back with, “Oh, boo, here y’all go with the deflecting reality hurts, the fake Twitter support isn’t helping careers.” And to be fair, even Nicki Minaj was clowning L during their beef because of her first-week sales records. But this also blew up on X, the women in rap are solidified. They set the trends. They aren’t just a quote wave. Doer is selling out arenas. Megan is getting number one records. Cardi B is receiving substantial compensation for her appearances at exclusive private gatherings. Flo Milli is booking prime TV show slots. Joe is speaking into the microphone, discussing the subject at hand. “Shut the [ __ ] up in 2024, you sound boy.”

Suffice to say, many of those against Joe Biden in this case believe he’s not qualified to speak about sales, and I’d say two things can be correct or both wrong at the same time depending on who you ask. And I’ll throw this one over to you guys. What are your thoughts on Joe Biden’s claims? Is Cardi B scared to follow up her hit album invasion of privacy? Is girl rap over? Tell us below in the comments of the post.

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