Hip-Hop Headlines 2024: Eminem vs. Nas, 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, Snoop & Dre Updates

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So the top news is there. One that started a heated debate over Eminem versus Nas, all thanks to Stephen A Smith’s recent comments. When he was asked to pick between Eminem and Nas, and spoiler alert, self-proclaimed hip-hop heads are losing it right now on platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, over his comments.

But to be fair, self-proclaimed hip-hop heads on Twitter can’t be trusted because just a few days ago they were all okay with rappers using ghost riders for their songs, since it was directed at Eminem. And we’ll get to more on this in a moment.

50 Cent

Ja Rule

Today, we also have more that continues one of the longest-running beefs in hip-hop history between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, that took an interesting turn recently as rap fans share their thoughts, which we’ll get to momentarily. And today, we also have one from former Death Row Records General Manager on why we will never get a Snoop and Dre music project, contrary to what Snoop has said over the last few months in interviews. And we’ll get to this at a later part of the video. But first of all, before we dive in, we have two updates on stories we covered a while back.

Doomsday Part-II

Starting with the music video for “Doomsday Part Two,” Cole Bennett recently revealed it will be the next video from the album. Unfortunately, it won’t be today, though. This was on the 29th of February, so clearly, it was postponed since they previously revealed that it would drop at the end of February. And while some have expressed disappointment, this news has also stirred some wild speculations as some believe they could be doing reshoots for Eminem to include his response to Benzino’s rap, “Elvis.

Eminem vs. The Real Housewives of Potomac

Today, we also have an update on the story we covered a while back on Eminem versus The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robin Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant over the Shady brand. Since Eminem’s team moved to block their trademark filing a few months ago when they filed to trademark their podcast “Reasonably Shady” to sell merch using the name Shady. Of course, Eminem’s team wasn’t having it. And according to the latest reports, Eminem will have to be present for deposition.

Eminem At Trademark Office Board

Check it out, Eminem will have to sit for deposition after the United States Patent and Trademark Office board denied his motion for a protective order in his ongoing case against Robin Dixon and Gizelle Bryant over the “Reasonably Shady” podcast. “An assertion of Mr. Mars being too busy will not be enough to avoid having to sit for deposition,” Robin and Gizelle’s lawyer wrote in court documents, according to Radar Online. As Robin and Gizelle, both celebrities in their own right, have provided the courtesy of a CN for deposition for Eminem, it is not overly Bome for Eminem to extend the same courtesy for his obligation.

Eminem Declared Greatest

Moving on to the main topics today, Stephen A Smith was asked to choose between Eminem and Nas on the Connect the Dots podcast. And here’s a snippet of his response: “We have Nas versus Eminem now, this is not right. Yeah, upper management, I think Eminem is one of the greatest ever. I firmly believe that Nas stands among the greatest artists of all time. Okay, and Nas’s lyrics are off the chain but it requires more street knowledge and just more of a comprehension of the verbiage to really dissect, whereas with Eminem you get it, he gives it to you simple and plain.

While my admiration for Nas runs deep, I must concede that when it comes to comparing, Eminem holds a slight advantage in my perspective. Whoa, I didn’t expect, whoa, I had to give the edge to Eminem. Now the best of Nas is better than the best of Eminem, but Eminem has more consistency to his greatness as opposed to Nas, is what I’m trying to say, which is why I have to give the edge. Okay, all right.”

Stephen A Triggered

And Stephen A has triggered the hip-hop heads on Twitter with this one who use a react, Eminem is not even top 200 rappers of all time while he all keep trying to put this man in the conversation, this has been interesting to watch. It’s absurd to claim that Eminem demonstrates greater consistency than Nas; such assertions are simply ludicrous, as evidenced by the widespread use of crying emojis to express disbelief. Mind you, if Stephen A Smith picked Nas, Eminem fans would be told that they are deranged for complaining because this is Stephen’s personal opinion and they should respect it.

Double Standards

Regardless, the double standards are wild. Some have even claimed Stephen A Smith hates black men. “I’m not surprised he took a racist white rapper over a conscious black pioneer legend,” and since Nas fans find this outrageous, some are wondering, “All these Nas STS showing up to this tweet but when it comes to streaming his music, y’all are non-existent.” And this was a recurring point because, on a serious note, “If only the wannabe Nas fans streamed his music instead of crying in the comments, Nas would be a much bigger artist. The adoration he receives on this platform follows a similar pattern. Man, if that actually translated to real life, it would be fire.

Dropping More Albums

Dude deserves all the props in the real world too. Personally, I wish Eminem dropped as often as Nas. Without, I’d still pick Music to Be Murdered By Deluxe over Nas’ recent drops.” No surprises here because some are of the impression that dropping more albums equals an automatic pick for Nas in this discussion. Check it out, the lack of pushback is what’s funny. Once he mentioned consistency, one of them should have brought up that Nas dropped six albums in three years. Clearly, six albums in three years weren’t enough for Stephen A Smith to pick Nas over Eminem. It is his opinion, remember, and to be honest, the fans need to focus on the music. Holding these opinions on social media isn’t enough. Great music has to be supported. Talk is cheap.

50 Cent

Moving on, 50 Cent wasn’t going to ignore it when this made headlines. Ja Rule denied entry into the United Kingdom. Fans blame 50 Cent, and 50 Cent reacted with laughing emojis. “I did not have nothing to do with this clown not getting in, LOL.” But he wasn’t done kicking the man. He shared this tweet from Ja Rule: “I’m so devastated I can’t believe the UK would let me in. I invested half a million dollars of my personal funds into organizing this tour, only to face rejection days before the scheduled shows. This is not fair for me or my fans. These venues are 85% sold and now I can’t come.” Heartbreak emoji.

50 Cent Reaction

50 Cent reacted to this with laughing my bum off. I just got juice all over the play soccer.” And this got the internet buzzing. A user reacted: “50 Cent is a premium hater, laughing emojis, top graduate from haters University.” And check this out, people who ask why 50 Cent just wouldn’t let it go obviously have never been in a real beef. The people that Ja Rule was friends with allegedly tried to get 50 taken out. Ja Rule and 50 had a physical altercation and Murder Inc. tried to blackball him in the music industry. It is never over. If Ja Rule and Murder Inc. got their way back then, 50 Cent would be nothing today.

It is similar to Benzino versus Eminem. If Benzino got his way, Eminem would be kicked out of hip-hop and be penniless today. That was the goal of the beef. Irv Gotti even admitted that he was blocking 50 Cent’s career with his connects back then. “I blocked the [ __ ] till he fell into M and Dre’s lap.” Damn, are you serious? This is why these beefs are never over.

The Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog

Moving on, if you recall back in 2022, Snoop Dogg revealed on the No Mercy podcast that he was working on an album with Dre. “Me and Dr. Dre been working on the album for the past two months, and it’ll be done in November. And it’s produced by Dr. Dre. It’s our 30th anniversary to ‘Doggy Style.’ Wow, and the name of the album is ‘Missionary.’ Why that name? The first album was ‘Doggy Style,’ and it’ll be done in November.” Now, former general manager of Death Row, Reggie Wright, was asked about Snoop and Dre’s latest collab on the Gin and Juice drink, and he expanded on why we would never get a new album during a chat with Bum first.

Check out a snippet: “Dre and Snoop, they have a weird relationship. They never can do anything long, it never pans out between those two. To generate revenue from their work, they must prioritize completing an album. Y’all remember that tour? That was supposed to have been happening at the Hollywood Bowl, and then they came up with that intense excuse about the writer’s guilt of all things with some music, you know? Okay, so they canceled the one in the show that was supposed to happen in June and July because they said because of the strike and then postponed it until Snoop’s birthday.

Remember when I talked about that? I was like I told y’all then that show was never gonna happen between those two. Dre got too much money, he don’t need it. I’m telling y’all there’s something going on between Dre and Snoop to where they’d be cool for a minute but then they not cool, they can’t work together, their entourages are different.”

So, according to his take on this, it is a miracle that we even got to see a successful collaboration to promote the Gin and Juice drink. But what are your thoughts? Are you still waiting for “Missionary” to drop?

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