Hip-Hop Drama 2024: Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent and Eminem’s Record Milestone

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Today, we have a couple of topics to cover, from one that takes us back to the beef that’s been ongoing for over a quarter century between 50 Cent and Ja Rule. Ja Rule got baited recently into spilling some wild details about his beef with 50 Cent, and the internet has reacted accordingly to Ja Rule’s recollection of events. We’ll get to more on this in a moment.

Benzino’s Desperation

Benzino’s Pursuit for Eminem’s Response

Today, we also have more that shows Benzino is dying for a response from Eminem at this point. Fans on the internet have been sharing their thoughts on Benzino’s desperation — desperation that’s got Benzino out here sharing throwbacks of his beef with Eminem. We’ll get to this later.

Eminem’s Milestones

Eminem Sets New Hip-Hop Record with Two Billion Streams

So before we get started, Eminem just hit a new milestone that’s become a hip-hop record. A few hours ago, Eminem’s “Without Me” from 2002 hit two billion streams on Spotify. And since “Lose Yourself,” also released in 2002, has surpassed a milestone, according to reports, this makes Eminem the first hip-hop artist to have two songs released in the same year surpass the milestone of two billion streams.

What makes this even more impressive is that both songs predate the streaming era. In fact, these songs also predate the digital downloads era. Talk about longevity.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent Beef Recap

Ja Rule Denied Entry into UK, Discusses Beef with Piers Morgan

Moving on to the main topics today, Ja Rule was recently denied entry into the United Kingdom. He was on Piers Morgan uncensored, and Piers Morgan successfully baited Ja Rule to spill about his beef with 50 Cent. First, he brought up 50 Cent’s reaction to the news that Ja Rule got denied entry.

Here’s a snippet of what Ja Rule had to say about 50 Cent clowning him: “I’m cool, you know? I don’t get into the back and forth. You know, I think, well, you did it to all that back and forth on the internet. Well, you called him cool, you called him n-word, you [ __ ] shut up, yeah, yeah, it was quick and to the point.” Yeah, I mean, YouTube going at it 25 years now, you know, not me, actually, you know? Um, I’m, I’m, I’m cool, um, why you stand up and he’s not? I mean, I mean, you gotta kind of be from, um, where we from to understand, um, the terminologies of that.

But, you know, real man things, you know, taking care of your family, taking care of your kids, you know, um, you know, put putting your kids through college, you know, being a real father to your to your family and and and your children, you know, those are standup things. And why is he not stand up by comparison? I mean, p, you’re pretty smart man. I’m assuming you, you, you probably know the answer to that question, but I don’t he knows but F Morgan wasn’t done.

He threw this in there to spark some more drama. If he’s watching this interview, what’s your message message for him? I don’t have one. Good luck to him and everything he’s doing. Who would win if you had a fight? That’s happened already too P. So really, you gotta do your research, man. I did a bit of research. I knew that various members of your gangs had traded, but you’ve actually had a physical fight with him, have you? Yeah, absolutely. Who won? Absolutely, yeah. I did. Piss, come on, really?

Ja Rule’s Claims and Reactions

Users React to Ja Rule’s Claims and Piers Morgan’s Instigation

Alright, I’m done. Piss, are you asking all these baffling questions, man? And it has worked so far, as social media users have reacted with takes like not a Ja Rule fan, but he clearly wanted to move on from the 50 beef. He let Piers get into his head, LOL.

As many are now expecting a response from 50 Cent after Ja Rule’s claims that he won the fight, a user response: We all know how 50 is going to respond. We even got memes of 50 Cent preparing to fire back. 50 Cent after seeing this: “Hey, hey, come on.” And to be fair, Ja Rule is suffering from a predicament that’s similar to that of Benzino. It’s not as bad because Ja Rule at least had a proper music career, but it is similar. And some users feel for Ja Rule: I feel sorry for Ja Rule. Out of all the amazing things he’s accomplished, it seems that whenever he does an interview, no one wants to talk about that.

All they want to talk about is his situation with 50 Cent. If I was him, I would stop answering any 50 Cent related questions. And even Piers Morgan has been put on blast for being an instigator. Another culture vulture swoops in to see further division between two black men, shake my head. Piers Morgan was fanning the flames, but he certainly didn’t start the fire this time because 50 Cent and Ja Rule were just trading shots online over the fact that Ja Rule was denied entry into the United Kingdom. Since some users on social media blamed 50 Cent for it.

Skepticism towards Ja Rule’s Claims

Users Doubt Ja Rule’s Claims of Beating 50 Cent

And speaking on Ja Rule’s claims that he beat up 50 Cent, many users aren’t buying his claims with takes like: So the 5’8″ 150lb rapper beat up the 6′ 225lb heavyweight Gold Glove amateur boxer? Laughing emojis. This dude Ja Rule going to always be a clown. Yeah, it is hard to believe. At best, a whole group of dudes jumped 50 Cent, and we got Ja Rule today claiming a solo victory. But what are your thoughts?

Benzino’s Statements and Reactions

Benzino’s Contradictory Statements and Social Media Backlash

Moving on to the next point, believe it or not, the man who was crying about Eminem on Drink Champs just moments after he was bragging about how straight he was. “I ran through 20 million in 3 years. Benzino lost. I spent it. I don’t. I didn’t lose nothing. I spent it.” The [ __ ] can a [ __ ] tell me? I’m a street [ __ ]. I’m a [ __ ] up [ __ ]. We’re feeling as a people just dropped more proof that sh’s self-awareness is non-existent when it comes to him as he’s literally out here talking about female OGs not being good role models to younger women, which is wild coming from Benzino.

But the question that I want to know is where’s all the female OGs for these younger women out here? See, to me, that’s the question. Where’s the female OGs? Because my thing is, um, you know, I think, you know, a lot of the behavior of what’s going on now from females, I think, is very damaging. And if females don’t have role models or even TV shows where they can see how women act with class. “I ran through 20 million in 3 years, and women, um, have conflict resolution,” then I think it would help. I think right now, I think the older women are invisible. I don’t even think they even like want.

Not all, but I’m just saying a lot of these women with influence. It seems like y’all ain’t talking to the younger women and y’all ain’t guiding them right. Most of y’all are really just doing the same [ __ ] or um, applauding it. Like some fans in the past called Benzino the walking chewed bubblegum of hypocrisy. Some have called him out for this quote, “better mature behavior and class.” Oh, the irony. And more, shut your hidden bum up. One minute you want to talk to the goat while you’re crashing out drunk. The next you get back to hating. The nerve of Benzino to speak on female OGs to be better role models is wild. “I ran through 20 million in 3 years. I’m a [ __ ] up n.” And Benzino provided more proof on why he’s not qualified to be speaking on anything role model related.

First, he shed this throwback and added a caption, “20 years, it began,” one that got users to call him out. Move on, man. Get you some money. But he wasn’t done. He also shared this from the set of the real Slim Shady and added the caption, “This is your rap gu. No worries, mate. Y’all can have him. Rap Elvis now. If you wear it else a few days ago, Wack 100 got Benzino’s girlfriend to spill some tea that confirmed Eminem’s lyrics on doomsday part two.

So Benzino being fixated on these behind-the-scenes pictures of Eminem is wild, knowing what we know that’s being exposed. And some users have reacted with takes like, “You was crying over him last month. Stop the madness.” And with that being said, despite two decades having passed, you continue to post about him daily as if his career ended the same time yours did. Damn, get over it, crybaby. And it is only a matter of time before these users get blocked by Benzino based on reports we’ve been receiving, as while he claims the comments don’t get to him, he’s been on a blocking spree on IG.

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