Exposing Benzino (2024): Contradictions in the Hip-Hop Scene

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Benzino getting exposed on multiple occasions, as we have more proof that totally goes against his street persona. While he was getting exposed, Roy reacted and got into a heated debate after the user moved the go post. We’ll get to this in a moment.

Today, we also have more from hip-hop media personality DJ Academics, who recently shared his thoughts on the Benzino versus Eminem beef. And spoiler alert: AK isn’t buying this from Benzino. For 22 years, every time I do an interview, they ask me about Eminem. A man we’re failing as a people, as he believes Benzino is trying to blame hip-hop for problems that he instigated on his own. Problems he literally manifested with his own actions. And we’ll get to this in a bit. As to be fair, AK was spin and we’ll get to this later.

Benzino’s Reckoning

Starting with Benzino, thanks to his beef with Game’s manager, Wack 100, we already found out a couple of things about Benzino. For instance, Wack 100 already shared an interview that we already covered of Benzino getting exposed by his girlfriend, an interview that confirms what Eminem wrapped about on “Doomsday” part two, linked to the Red Roof Inn incident.

Benzino’s Police Interaction

We also got one from Wack 100 of Benzino talking to the police with enthusiasm. Him and we’ll get to more that caught Royce’s attention when Wack 100 dropped another one with the caption, “All y’all calling me after you heard the first rat in video, telling me Benzino is real.” Well, he’s different. He is a thorough rat.

Exposing Benzino’s Persona

He’s confirming the other possible leads. Laughing emoji. Please don’t question what I do. The streets is a myth, Boston. We don’t blame y’all for this. And just a reminder before we play the clip, remember Ben Zeno doesn’t miss an opportunity to brag about how much of a street dude he is.

Benzino’s Inconsistencies

Even on “Drink Champs,” he was bragging about being ignorant and street. I ran through 20 million in 3 years doing Amaz, Benino lost. I spent it. I didn’t lose nothing. I spent it. And I gave it away to all my people and I brought all my with me. The [ __ ] can a [ __ ] tell me I’m a street [ __ ]. I barely I graduated cuz my mother. And Wack 100 dropped this to continue exposing Benzino’s ass of fraud.

Benzino’s Response to Exposure

Hey, I’m going to end the interview right now, and you know, if I have something to follow up on, I may follow up on and uh, otherwise, again, thank you very much Rond, I appreciate it. They caught him, he’s blocked up. Yes, did they cut the gun with him? I don’t, I don’t know that, I know that they have him in custody, they probably stashed the gun, you know, there were other people in that car, I’m not sure, but there was people all around him. Okay, so it was real easy for him to give one of them the [ __ ] God. Okay, thank you, Raymond, I appreciate it. And Roy reacted with, “Man ain’t nothing to be throwing lead at.

Roy’s Perspective

He will ensure his nephew is sent to jail without a second thought, and then sleep peacefully, only to wake up the next day and head straight to the online comment section where he feels most at home, ready to engage in discussions.” Shake my head. And while Benzino got clips that have been leaked of him crying and begging after the cops were called on him for reportedly beating up a black woman, do this stop, stop, stop, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’ll tell them, no, I’ll tell them, I’ll tell them, no, okay, just stop. We still got responses like this to Roy. Roy just an Eminem coil rider.

What are your thoughts on his derogatory remarks towards African American women captured on those recordings? Silent. And Roy reacted, “You want me to address something from over 20 years ago? Why you want to hear my thoughts on that if I’m a ctail writer? What’s your thought on post Malone leaked audio? Justin Bieber, never mind. You’re indifferent to all of them because none of these recordings had any impact on you. It sucks to hear the is, but we got bigger problems in our community than name calling.

And your man ain’t took one step to elevate black women since the Sour’s Inception. He hasn’t even elevated his child to a higher regard and she’s a whole superstar. He is a person struggling with substance abuse and severe mental health challenges, making him unsuitable to guide or lead others in any capacity. Now go sit your bum down somewhere and stop addressing men you don’t know on social media. And if you know him personally, get him the help he needs before you end up at his funeral.” And while she was questioning Roy, we literally have clips of Benzino on YouTube getting busted for domestic violence, leaked audio posted by Wack 100 of the same.

Addressing Old Issues

These people are worried about tapes that are 35 plus years old, tapes that have been addressed over two decades ago and since M is elected president of the United States and also elected president of the black community in the United States. The user hit back with, “I’m not a fan of post Malona Justin Bieber, so since I post about Eminem, I have to mention the other culture vultures. What does Eminem ever did to elevate the black community in any way? I’ll wait, laughing emoji.

As a matter of fact, I know personally he has done a lot for black community in Boston. He has done a lot to stop gang violence, etc. Plus his relationship with his daughter is none of social media business. We are often left unaware of what occurs behind closed doors. But again, what has M done for the black community Detroit community at least are proof’s children and family taken care of. Plus I don’t care if it was a thousand years ago, laughing emoji. Do we forget about slavery? Hell no.”

Roy’s Contributions

And Roy had the time he reacted with, “Well, I’m a chief executive to the MM Foundation, so I can answer that. My job is to make sure PHS are disseminated to the right places and in the right amount. Since the onset of the pandemic, a dedicated fund has been established to address the challenges faced by black and brown communities in underserved areas, initially focusing on Detroit. I’ve taken the lead in launching a mental health initiative under this fund. Significant financial resources, including amounts in the millions, have been allocated. It’s worth noting the involvement of figures like Post Malone and others. Fun fact, every single lyrical rapper got a record deal in Detroit after M blew up.

Everybody name another white rapper with multiple bros around him who are all touching seven or more figures. And when you realize there are none, maybe you’ll address them and tell Zeno to stop saying in a scope put black people around him. That’s ridiculous. And I don’t know proof widow personally, so I couldn’t tell you her financial situation. That’s their business, shrugs emoji. We are at a point where Benzino could go on the street and start knocking out every black woman in the vicinity and people will ask, but, but, but are you going to address Eminem dissing black women 35 years ago? These people don’t care about black women.

It is a bad faith argument because they hate Eminem. And moving on to the next point, during the drink champs interview, remember, Benzino gave us a classic when he broke down in tears due to his beef with Eminem and then tried to blame it on the community.

Benzino’s Personal Issues

No man, we’re feeling as a people. We and according to AK, this isn’t a we are feeling as a people issue for Benzo, but more of a personal issue that shows that his actions over the decades have consequences. Yo, Benzino, the beef for you and Eminem is one-sided. Eminem don’t give two [ __ ] about you, whether you’re living, breathing, talking, nothing. You have a daughter that’s actually thriving and we’re going to say, you know, she’s a relevant hip-hop star. Here’s the thing, I think you’re going through issues that you probably created over time.

Benzino’s Family Matters

Your relationship with your daughter that she’s spoken about, your demeanor in hip-hop, how you probably even treated women themselves and also how people view you in terms of your peers. You’re seeing it all manifest because your daughter‘s in this game and you even said to yourself, your daughter feels like she got to be cool with Eminem because you hated Eminem and because you hated Eminem, it prevented a lot of opportunities for you.

I have to say to Ben Xeno, I think the problems you have are not hip-hop problems, they’re problems that are family problems. Eminem is not talking about you now. Eminem doesn’t have a beef with you now. Most of these things are the reflection of your daughter being a star. It’s crucial to address familial issues as a top priority. And AK also pointed out how while Hailey is proud of her dad, the same can’t be said about COA Ray. We’ve covered stories of KY being embarrassed to be Benzino’s daughter and AK believes Benzino needs to address these family issues rather than blame Eminem and the hip-hop community.


And some have reacted with takes like Charlamagne and academics siding with Eminem tells you all you need to know about Benzino.

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