Eminem’s Doomsday Part Two Video Saga Latest (2024)

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While everyone has been asking Cole Bennett for the Doomsday part two video that’s been stuck in limbo, and like we reported, Cole Bennett revealed on the 29th of February that we should expect it in the future. But the trail’s gone cold since, and while fans continue to wait, we see takes like these pop up on social media.

Eminem’s Statement and Fans’ Reactions

Eminem basically confirmed there’s no Slim LP2 Doomsday 2 video; probably got scrapped for good. He is currently on the second-longest hiatus between albums, his merch sold out, and Paul will convince him for a second drop. And we have nothing to look forward to.

Benzino’s Disappointment and Outrage

So while some fans have lost hope for the Doomsday part two video, I’d argue that Benzino is probably the most disappointed so far, since he needs this to keep going so he can keep charging outlets for interviews to talk about Eminem. And Benzino has been going off about Eminem and his rap EL is this and now he’s also making some wild claims about Eminem, which we’ll expand on in this video. And we also be exploring how social media users have reacted so far.

Benzino’s Provocative Statements

For starters, Benzino shared this snippet from his interview with Art of Dialogue, and he added the caption “Benzino AKA zesty, AKA the vulture Slayer, rap Elvis take our culture back. Elvis already destroyed, I already killed him with rap elf. Where’s he at? Where’s the response? I want to battle him face to face.

Social Media Reaction and Critique

I think he’s overrated. I think he sucks as a rapper. Got nothing against him, can rap. I think he sucks as a rap. And it’s F anybody that’s with him. I bombed on him, I’m going to continue to bomb on him, I’m going to continue to expose him, you know what I’m saying? At the end of the day, people are waking up to his [ __ ] and it is what it is. I’m going to go down to history as the Eminem [Applause] Slayer. Aha.” And it is wild how it is the worst rappers who act like they own the hip-hop culture.

The Debate and Counterarguments

Remember EL Jamal used to say the same thing and this third response is like all ten of your fans are in this post, happy for you, congratulations. And speaking on Benzo’s ten fans, check this out, “Sko’s career is officially over at this point.

Dissecting Benzino’s Claims

A full month has passed by and he still hasn’t responded to the legendary rap Elvis because he knows he got obliterated to F shreds, 100% laughing emojis.” And on his ten fans cheering him on, at this point, if you told me that Benzino has blocked more people than he has followers and IG, I’d believe you. We keep getting DMS from users he has blocked and our DMS are getting flooded with posts like these. So this user is onto something and some are asking, but at the end of the day, you would hug him.

Revisiting Eminem’s Past: Benzino’s Claims

And if you thought Mr. Flip Flap AKA Benzo was done, you thought wrong. Wrong, as he was back to rewrite history about Eminem’s infamous tapes from when he was 16 years old. And he shared this from the same interview with Art of Dialogue where he argues that Eminem was 21 and not 16.

Challenging Benzino’s Assertions

And it is wild what Benzino believes is proof that Eminem was 21. Check it out, “him and his white guys made the rap racist hour, he did it when he was 21 years old, later came out said he was 16 and he had a black girlfriend, look at how they um insulted our black people’s intelligence.

Examining the Evidence

Look at how Universal at the moment, Jimmy Ivin insulted the intelligence of black people around the world, they’re in a room, man, we got to fix this, what we going to say, a lot of PR people that’s getting big money, all we got to say, all we got to say is that he, he was 16. What he did, 16, because people figured hey, he’s a kid, kids make mistakes, he had a black girlfriend, let’s say she was black, and she broke his heart.

The Truth Behind Benzino’s Claims

The cassette was made by Max out, we did our homework and found out that the serial number on the cassette, the tape was made when he was 21 years old.” And Benzo shared that with the caption “war is an ugly situation but sometimes necessary.” Now, anyone who has an idea of how cassette tapes work or even CDs know that this literally doesn’t mean anything because you could make multiple copies of anything on a tape, even decades later.

Benzino’s Credibility Questioned

You could make copies. And according to Benzo’s logic, if I purchase a blank cassette tape today to copy over a recording I made 20 years ago because the current tapes I use were manufactured recently, that must mean I made the original recently. This doesn’t even make sense. The only way to confirm anything is Witnesses and also the very first original ever made. So essentially, Benzino had no way to really verify the age of the recording.

Benzino’s History of Deception

And mind you, Benzino has been exposed for being a straight-up liar on multiple occasions. For instance, we recently covered when he lost a bet of $20,000 for lying that he never snitched on his cousin guy when tapes are literally out there, including court documents.

Evaluating Benzino’s Claims

He even lies on himself, depending on his mood. H, against can rap, you think this is cool? It’s all part of my secret master plan. And the fact that he’s got a handful of people cheering him on at the moment is proof that we’re failing as a people.

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