Internet Buzz 2024: Coi Leray, Benzino, Royce Talk Eminem’s ‘Doomsday Pt 2

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Today, we have more from Benzino versus Eminem drama in 2024. So far, we got more thanks to the music video for Doomsday Part Two that’s finally released after many fans on the web thought it got scrapped. This stirred reactions from Benzino and his daughter K Ray. As we’ve come to expect from Benzino, he’s also making up scenarios and taking credit for Eminem’s work at the moment. We’ll expand on this in a bit.

Today, we also have more from the music video that stirred speculations pointing to a new project from Eminem. Both Cole Bennett and Paul Rosenberg decided to indulge in this, and we’ll expand on this momentarily. At the latter part of the video, we have more from Royce da 5’9″, which is in line with what we’ve been hearing for some time now about Eminem.

Speculations Around the Music Video

Starting with the music video for Doomsday Part Two, it features cameos from Big Sean, JRD Cord, Denzel Curry, Teej, Touchdown Sway, Lee, and Baby Tron. Of course, these cameos fueled speculations linked to Eminem’s rumored album, as takes like this flooded social media: “I feel like the cameos have to be features on his next album.

Perhaps we could finally get that Eminem and Sway Lee collaboration that was teased a long time ago.” Cole Bennett posted the track with the caption “Track in Doomsday Part Two. Man, it is an honor to have Eminem on the Lyrical Lemonade album. I appreciate your consistent support and belief in my vision. Thank you for always standing by me. Apologies for the delay on this video. I’m trying to tell a greater story with these videos that will all make a bit more sense later on, and I wanted to make sure I get this one right. Thank you team, thank you to all the cameos, thank you Marshall, thank you Paul.

It’s going to be a good year.” Cole Bennett fueled speculations with this post: “Tron and Eminem,” and as wild as it sounds, some believe this supports the theory that the cameos are features on Eminem’s upcoming album. From Reddit: “This might confirm the Cameo collab Theory.” Paul Rosenberg added some more fuel with this on IG: “Doomsday Part Two video is out from the Lyrical Lemonade All is Yellow Def Jam album directed by the gifted Cole Bennett.

The journey of how this all unfolded is quite extensive, and although the delay wasn’t deliberate, it’s always better to arrive late than never at all, isn’t it? So much more to come. How many cameos did y’all spot in this? Let me know. So much more to come,” says Paul Rosenberg. And this got me rolling. So much more to come. He means merch. More merch, guys! Laughing emoji. And to be fair, it is more of the same on Reddit. Takes like “Doomsday Part Two merch incoming,” flushed face, and fire emojis.

Coi Leray’s Reaction and Social Media Battles

Benzino’s daughter, Coi Leray, was spotted under Cole Bennett’s post. She reacted to the music video with “cute,” and I just hope she got her father’s permission to call an Eminem video cute because she’s already getting blasted by some users for this. At Coi Leray, “This song about your father ain’t cute. Sellout, no man.” And it is more of the same on Reddit. “I don’t know how she means that, but either way, Benzino is not going to like that comment.” Laughing emojis.

Perhaps we would get another social media battle between the two, just like the last time when they were accusing each other of lying for clout. And some users still remember her initial reaction when Doomsday Part Two dropped, when she claimed, “Rap beef is so washed and tired. Exhausting, embarrassing, just freaking overall corny as F.” And the fact that she said this before stirred reactions like, “For someone who doesn’t want to be involved in this quote corny beef, she might be involved.” And here’s one way to put it, she wants that feature. Laughing emoji.

Fan Theories and Benzino’s Claims

And before we head to Benzino’s meltdown over this that he’s masking with laughing emojis, the cameos in the music video have also sparked some wild theories like this: “JID must have been forced to do this by the label or something.”

’cause I remember he said he hates lyrical, spiritual rap. And if I recall, he didn’t even F with Eminem’s early work.

Hip-hop heads on Twitter struggle with the reality that their narratives about Eminem aren’t held by their favorite rappers, and school was in session. “You’re just freaking lying for no reason. J said he doesn’t like the jittery fast rap. He himself does one.” Of the way J blew up was freestyling over the “My Name Is” beat. Not to mention these interviews, plus this tweet, and we got a whole collection. Wanted shows J wearing “My Name Is” merch, and this tweet from him, “I know Jay NS Eminem Kendrick by heart.” And this is an interview that includes this quote from him: “This is how I started rapping. This is unbelievable. I love Eminem. This is how I started doing music, bro.”

Also, in the collection, when he was asked if he listened to Eminem growing up, this was his answer: “I used to love Stan. He’s great. I love all the craziness. I was a super fan when Eminem was prominent before 2002, ’98 to ’99.” And mind you, this quote is from an interview where Bootleg Kev was trying to bait Jad to say something negative about Eminem to get those sweet, sweet sound bites that go viral. Suffice to say, this user is either ignorant or lying for interactions on Twitter.

And this user put it nicely: “Hating M so bad that you have to brainwash yourself that these artists force themselves to be in an Eminem video and that they all hate M on the low. It’s some next-level hating.” Laughing emojis. “What the hell did M do to y’all?” Laughing emojis. If they are like Benzino, Eminem’s crime is being white and speaking on Benzino. Someone close to him needs to check on him as he believes Doomsday Part Two is Eminem’s response to Rap Elvis. He shared this and added the caption: “He has finally responded.” Laughing emojis. And someone tell me what in the plastic surgery happened to his face. He looks like a walking corpse. Nah, this ain’t it. Rap Elvis destroyed Em. Just wait till he finds out what his daughter said.

Benzino’s Reactions and Claims

And seeing as we’ve seen some people describe Benzino as a chewed bubblegum, some have expanded: “I don’t think you have any room to judge someone’s looks. Have you seen your face lately?” Laughing emojis. And of course, his reply is a joke, ’cause that’s what he thinks of you as nothing but a joke. But Benzino took it further, as he’s now claiming he influenced Eminem to work with younger rappers in the video. Quote: “If it took me for Skittles to team up with and put on them Dope Young Artists in Detroit, then I did well.” Someone tell Benzino Eminem’s already worked with Big Sean and Cord. And apart from Baby Tron, which young artist in Detroit is Benzino talking about from the video?

And moving on to the next point, Royce recently confirmed what we’ve been hearing about Eminem for some time. And from “Way Up with Angela Ye,” check out a snippet: “Y’all might be doing another project together.” “You talking about me and P or me and Marshall?” “Well, you and Marshall.” “I know you and Premier are, yeah, for sure. Me and P working on, um, it’s a joint, a joint thing that we do together called Prime. So, um, we’re working on the third installment right now.

Um, as far as me and Marshall, yo, all he has to do is just send me a text message, and I’m to the studio whenever he’s ready. We pretty much just do that on his time, and he’s always on some type of time, you know what I mean? Like, he’s always on some sort of mission. I don’t know what he’s doing right now, but I know he’s recording. Yes, a lot of stuff. That’s good. Nan, you want some?” “I know you’ve done stuff with Marshall before, for sure.” “Yeah, he’s, he sent me some stuff, but, uh, we going, you know what I’m saying? Since ‘SBE’ dropped, all we’ve heard from Eminem and his associates is that he’s been working.” And some have expanded: “Nothing new was said here. It is the same answer everyone around gives when they ask about him.”

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