Analyzing Eminem’s Influence in 2024: Reactions, Criticisms, and Collaborations

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Today, we have a couple of topics to cover, one from Eminem associate and Detroit rapper Mr. Porter and Lazarus. They recently spoke on their collaboration scalpel, which turned out to be Lazarus’s most successful solo single so far, produced by Mr. Porter. They also spoke on Eminem’s global influence and the wave to discredit Eminem, which, in my opinion, hit overdrive after Eminem dropped Revival in 2017.

Surprising Reactions and Kim Kardashian’s Attention

Today, we also have something that came out of left field and shocked fans on the web. ZEM continues to promote the 25th anniversary of the Slim Shady LP to the point that you’d think he just dropped an album. This caught Kim Kardashian’s attention, which we’ll expand on in a moment.

Continued Debate and Criticism of Eminem

Before we dive in, if you recall from the last video, Nelly sparked wild debates about Eminem when he revealed that the 2000s era of hip-hop was the toughest because he had to compete with juggernauts like DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Ludacris. Now, some hip-hop heads got triggered as they singled out Eminem to downplay his run in the 2000s. And guess what? This debate is still heated on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Analysis and Response to Criticism

The push to discredit Eminem continues, and here’s an exchange that caught our attention: an attempt to rationalize this nonsense that Eminem couldn’t compete in the 2000s. It goes, “M had more pop appeal than hip-hop appeal. He did dominate the overall Billboard Chart during his run, but J, DMX, Wayne, 50, etc., had more impact than him on the rap landscape and culture.” In brackets, “radio street,” that’s what they meant. And this response was golden.

Kim Kardashian’s Reaction and Eminem’s Influence

Moving on to the main topic today, Kim Kardashian reposted this from Eminem that has shocked fans on the web with the caption “25 years later and still legendary.” However, I just listened to Eminem in her car. It is the most disgusting. It’s like it makes me upset. I’m now nauseous and I can’t eat lunch. Goodbye.

Understanding Context and Backstory

Now, before we get to the reaction, so far, for those who don’t know the backstory of this skit, it was a real voicemail, and to put it on the album, Eminem offered Zoe $300 to use it on the album. But as the story goes, she opted for dinner with Eminem instead. A scene in the article from 1999, “Rage Against the Past,” Eminem is a former skinny white kid who raps with a vengeance, where Zoe flipped the script on Em when they met.

Public Response and Kardashian’s Influence

Kim Kardashian shared this to her 364 million followers. Fans are wondering, Kim Kardashian, on Instagram, what the f is going on? Which sparked responses like, “That’s random as f.” And now some are asking, “Didn’t he make fun of her and she’s still listening to him?” Big respect for having a sense of humor. But she already addressed this over a decade ago.

Celebrity Responses and Perspectives

And this reminds me of when Janice Dickinson reacted when Eminem dropped her name on “Rainy Days.” And while he made headlines that she was offended, she concluded back then that she took it as a compliment and added, “It is not nice to be dropped into a song in this context, but it is phenomenal to be associated with Eminem in any way possible in my psyche because he’s a god.

Insights from Mr. Porter and Lazarus

And moving on, Mr. Porter and Lazarus recently had a chat on IG Live where they spoke about a couple of things, from their recent song scal all the way to Eminem’s global influence.

Future Collaborations and Eminem’s Legacy

And obviously, I want to work on more. You got another record, though? What record? So, that other record I got, I was actually going to use that for that album I’m doing with my man from India, Emway. Detroit to Anil. So, he’s from a place called Anil in India, and he’s big, big-time over there, man. And I’m connecting that to Detroit, and it’s going to be the first time something like that ever happened.

Acknowledging Eminem’s Impact

Let’s keep it a buck, man. With Eminem coming, it basically opened the demographics of hip-hop to a whole another level. And much if people want to try to credit or discredit a situation, it’s like facts are facts, bro. You cannot deny what that, like, even that argument, it’s like, ‘Alright, cool, whatever you say.’ It ain’t stopping nothing. It ain’t doing nothing. It’s like a lot of it is just misplaced, you know, misplaced aggression or frustration.

Addressing Criticism and Upholding Skill

So, amazing. I think things are fizzling out like, you know, the mindless content is kind of fizzling out. Yeah, and then the skill level is always going to be the thing that people, people go to. That’s why you have a fan base. You got a thousand people in here. That’s because you represent something that’s not just fly by night, right? Absolutely.

Respect for Eminem’s Influence

And Lazarus has been very vocal about Eminem’s influence. In fact, a few days ago, he shared this, “Benzino stays on the polarizing black/white politics of Eminem, but as a brown man, I can tell you none of that can take away from his elite position in hip-hop and his elite penmanship.

Community Impact and Eminem’s Contributions

If you recall, even Royce da 5’9″ addressed those who asked, “What has Eminem done for the community?” when he broke it down and explained how every single lyrical rapper in Detroit got a record deal after Eminem blew up. We covered this in detail in a previous video. Check it out if you missed it. But whenever these receipts are pulled up, the detractors go bird box mode, wait a few weeks, and regurgitate the tide token points.

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